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POWER RANKINGS: Week 33 Roundup

FRISCO - And scene. It’s amazing how quickly the 2017 MLS season flew by. As it relates to FC Dallas, an Oscar-winning Hollywood screenwriter would struggle to come up with an arc that mimicked FC Dallas’ tumultuous run. It had the drama of remarkable highs and heartbreaking lows.

Where Dallas landed in the final power rankings roundup of the 2017 MLS regular season piqued my interest perhaps more than any other roundup. Why? Because FCD’s win over a last-place LA Galaxy team was dominant but the overall tumble the second half of the season had to factor heavily in the final polls. Didn’t it? Let’s find out.

MLS Soccer

1. Toronto FC (no change)
2. New York City FC (no change)
3. Seattle sounders FC (no change)
4. Portland Timbers (+2)
5. Atlanta United FC (-1)
17. FC Dallas (+2) - They looked like the FC Dallas of old in their 5-1 dismantling of LA on Decision Day, but now they’re talking about the cycle being over for this group. Expect a youth revolution in 2018.

The Score

1. Toronto FC (no change) 
2. Atlanta United (no change)
3. New York City FC (+1)
4. Portland Timbers (+1)
5. Chicago Fire (-2)
13. FC Dallas (no change) - Last year's Shield winner FC Dallas had a rough follow-up year, failing to make playoffs after nosediving midway through 2017. At least Mauro Diaz is back?

Soccer America

1. Toronto FC (no change)
2. Seattle (+2)
3. Columbus (+2)
4. Atlanta United FC (-2)\
5. Portland Timbers (+1)
15. FC Dallas (+1) -  A rousing win featured two goals by Roland Lamah but it was just the second victory in the last 15 games of the season. With two goals and an assist, Mauro Diaz served a reminder of what he means to the team.