1019 Lone Star Legion DL

SUPPORTERS: A Letter From Lone Star Legion to the Players and Coaches of FC Dallas

The following letter is the last in a series from our various FC Dallas Supporters' groups to the team leading up to the regular season finale. Today's letter was submitted by Lone Star Legion.

One thing that could always be said about us is that we don't quit, we find a way, and we refuse to stop. This team, this club, this community has been met with a challenge others would crumble from, yet we surpass it and climb the mountain to stake our flag.

We know what's ahead is tough, but we know what this club does best when met with a challenge. We dig our heels in, look to the opposition and smile because they have no idea about the juggernaut they have stirred awake.

Remember, when you step on the pitch you have our hearts, and we are ready to bask in your moment of history. 

No matter what happens we are always here to fight for you. 


Always Ready,

Lone Star Legion