Imani Milele Children's Choir's Inspiring Visit to Toyota Soccer Center

FRISCO, Texas – It seemed like a normal day of training at Toyota Soccer Center. But today, the team had an audience that ended up giving them quite the show. 

Traveling all the way from Uganda, the boys and girls from Imani Milele Choir made a pitstop before their concert in Southlake on Thursday. Three of the boys in the choir, Eric, Bruno, and Timothy, are huge soccer fans. "They really love futbol. So because of them, the whole entire choir had to be here, for the love of futbol," said David Kalongo, a chaperone with Imani Milele.

Imani Milele are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to raise awareness of orphaned and at-risk children. "We go around raising money for those children back at home [in Uganda] to put them in school and to give them better shelter." 

After training, the children of Imani Milele gave an impromptu performance and the team was all smiles. "They are so talented," said Ryan Hollingshead. "It was fun to watch them just perform. They just had so much energy and so much happiness. It was awesome."

You can follow Imani Milele on social media on Facebook and Twitter. If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can see them perform Thursday, October 19 at St. John's Baptist Church (800 S. Kimball Ave) in Southlake.