FC Dallas Sees Goal Overturned by Video Review in Second Straight Match

FRISCO - FC Dallas is 0-for-2 on Video Replay results going their way.

Once again on Saturday night, a potential goal was overturned with the new initiative in place, and one that is even harder to stomach with a 0-0 draw.

“This is very subjective and it happened twice already to us,” Oscar Pareja said after the match, obviously frustrated with the outcome. “I said last week and I’ll say it today: we have to buy into it but what I want is to make things clear. We’ll accept it. I said it last week as well: the league decided this is the way we’re going and we do it. Sometimes the ball bounce in our way.”

“It’s VAR and credit to the referee and officials for going over the play, and they probably got it right,” said Atiba Harris, who was called for a foul beginning the ‘attacking phase’ leading to the waved off goal. “I’m not going to complain about it and we’ve just got to move forward. It’s a new era and new time where we have video reviews and we just have to embrace it.”

After incidents in the two matches before video replay was brought online last week that Dallas would've likely had a goal awarded upon review, luck has bounced the other way in the two weeks since. Heading into Kansas City next weekend, luck hopefully will bounce back the other way.