Off The Pitch, presented by Elephant Auto Insurance: Team BBQ

Josema Bazan’s Secrets to a Great BBQ
Fire up the Grill
The secret is in the fire: wood and vegetable charcoal and it has to be very well-cooked. I mean, you can't put the meat there until every part of the wood and charcoal is on…nothing black.
When you put the meat there, the fire has to be hard. You do this in order to close the wall of the meat and keep the juice. After that take some heat out and cook in 8 to 10 seconds (using the same system).
The Secret’s Also in the Rub
Josema also uses his own dry rub for the meat. The ingredients are simple but he does swear by the sea salt he gets from Argentina.
Sea salt (sal parrillera, I bring it from Argentina)
Garlic power