A Personal Favorite: Dak Prescott Shares His Love for FC Dallas on Pro Football Talk

FRISCO, Texas – It seems that world of futbol and football collided a few times in 2017, thanks to our Frisco neighbors.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has attended several FC Dallas games this season, including the June 3 game against Real Salt Lake in which he was the honorary scarfer. Most recently, wide receivers Cole Beasley and Ryan Switzer were in attendance on July 1 to show his support for our Police and Fire Appreciation Night. But it was Dak that recently went on record by saying that FC Dallas games are his favorite to attend.

In a June 29 episode of the Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio, Dak Prescott shared his love of FC Dallas soccer. When Florio asked Prescott what his favorite sport to attend in person was, Dak said that while he enjoyed taking in a Nashville Predators and Mississippi State Women's Basketball game, "I have a personal favorite, honestly, going to FC Dallas games." The AP Offensive Rookie of the Year elaborated, "That's a sport that I didn't play growing up and obviously couldn't play now. My feet are nowhere near well enough to play soccer, so I admire those guys. The way they control the ball, that I'm fortunate to do with my hands, but they control it with their feet. It's beyond belief to me."

When asked if he was suggesting if he could do it all over again and go back to play soccer, Prescott responded, "I'm not going to say I would've gone that route, but I definitely would've played soccer. One, just to improve my footwork. To get that base and to get that start at a young age, playing soccer and getting my feet quick."

Leave the soccer to us, Dak. But with the number of accolades Prescott received over the last season, we'd say he's doing just fine. One thing's for sure, he's got a standing invitation to take in an FC Dallas game at Toyota Stadium whenever he wants.