Monday Mailbag Michael Barrios
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MONDAY MAILBAG: High Pressure, Javier Morales as a Starter and Mauro Diaz's Return Timeline

FRISCO - It’s a quick 1-2 punch this week with a road match in Chicago on Thursday before returning home to face the Houston Dynamo on Sunday night at home. Before we dive into the busy week, let’s dive into this week’s Mailbag:

“Do you feel FCD should try to avoid pushing up too much at home to avoid counters?” - John Stalder

I think just the opposite, John. I think at home, you’re able to play more into your strengths and on the road is where you maybe play a little more conservative with the home-dominance across the league. 

That being said, this team is built on the high-pressure, forcing turnovers style and sitting back might not be in their best interest. When you get away from what you know best, you often expose yourself with mistakes elsewhere. 

“Javi as a starter, a mistake?” - Nelson

For the role Oscar wanted to play on Saturday - maintaining possession and building from the back, up through Javi in the middle - he did a great job of what he was asked to do. Dallas maintained 62 percent possession, the highest such mark of the season, but it was the final third that they couldn’t quite solve with the Quakes’ defense.

Now, you could question the decision to play a possession-focused game when FCD has had success even when losing the possession battle, but In Papi We Trust. 

“Mauro Diaz has been quoted saying he'd like to be back within a few weeks. How will Pareja ease him back into the lineup?” - Christian B. 

Mauro is more than ready to get back on the field and I think we’re getting very close to seeing him back, but like we see all the time, it’s going to be a slower process than Mauro appearing in the Starting XI. I think over the next few weeks, you’ll see him make an appearance in the 18 and then into a game or two as a sub, but he’s still working on match fitness and it will be a bit before he’s a full-time starter again.