Hollingshead Fully Recovered; Reunited With Family He Helped After Car Accident

FRISCO − It was a bittersweet reunion at Toyota Stadium. Ryan Hollingshead, accompanied by his wife and son, met with Abiodun Shuaib and Tashria Moore, for the first time since Ryan helped them during icy road conditions. On January 6, while providing roadside assistance to the Shuaib family after their car had wrecked, Hollingshead was struck directly by a car and suffered fractures to three different cervical vertebrae.

"Originally when the crash had happened, we were trying to look through the police report and find names," said Ryan during a press conference with media at Toyota Stadium. "It happened so fast we hardly got a chance to meet each other." 

Ryan explained that when he and his wife Taylor had originally spotted Abiodun Shuaib's car on the side of the road, they noticed the headlights were out and feared other motorists might not see them. "As I was coming up the road to get him out of the car, he was already getting himself out of the car." And after asking if Mr. Shuaib was ok, they noticed a car headed in their direction. "As we're talking, we both see it out of our peripherals. But my last thought was to just turn and jump because it's gonna hit me." The car ended up missing Mr. Shuaib by a foot or two, but ultimately struck Ryan. 


"Everything happened so fast," said Abiodun. "After my car went off the road and hit the barrier, I came out and immediately I saw two guys walking towards me and one was flying through the air. I was so scared. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move. I felt very bad and honestly I praying, telling God so help me and make sure these guys are fine."

It's been over two months since the accident and Abiodun and his wife are happy to see that Ryan has made a complete recovery. "We've been praying for this day, me and my wife. She's been trying to get in touch with Ryan and his family. To actually get to see and have a reunion like we have today...it's one of the happiest days of my life."

When asked if he would do it all over again, Ryan responded with "the desire to help people, that's not gonna change, no matter what life circumstances happen." And while Ryan stressed everything happened so quickly he didn't have time to react, he said he would try and proceed with caution the second time around. "I would be very aware of what's up the road and what's coming and have my eye on it."

"He's a good man with a good heart," said Abiodun. "You don't really see people like that, stopping on the highway. It's not something that is very common."

Hollingshead returned to training with the team earlier this week and is excited to play in his next match, hopefully sooner than later. And when that happens, his new friends the Shuaibs will be in the stands cheering him on. "Trust me he's going to score a hat trick," said Abiodun."I thank God Almighty for giving him the strength to come back on his feet."

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