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SOCIAL | Luck Of The French Canadians?

Interactions on social media are always fun. Interactions with other professional clubs can be even better. So when we got this mention from the Montreal Impact this past Tuesday, we have to admit, it brought a smile to our faces.

Wow. How nice. Granted, we'll be rivals come July 22 (when we face them at Saputo Stadium) but we thought it'd be nice to send them a nice message back. That's when our favorite French speaking player comes in.  

But while we were getting Roland to record his message, Pachuca decided to barge in and ruin the party. We're not sure Montreal understood this this tweet. Not sure we did either. Is that a squirrel? A chipmunk? Is the mariachi band there because they're inviting themselves to crash the party?

Then Montreal came in clutch with this reply which included the highlight video of Cameron Porter's goal, which led them to beat Pachuca in the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals in 2015.

To which Pachuca responded:

Again, not sure we get the mascot, but we surely had to draw the line somewhere. So we stood by our MLS team and took their catch phrase and used it against them (which translates to "the only one in my 💙 ".

All the friendly banter, good luck, and smack talk aside, FC Dallas will bring their A-game next Wednesday, when Pachuca comes to Fortress Frisco on March 15. Then again when they travel to to Mexico to play Pachuca on April 4. May the best team win, and by best team we mean FC Dallas of course. See you all at Toyota Stadium. 

Update! Portland and Colorado joined in on the fun and sent their well wishes.