Roland Lamah

PRESEASON | Lamah excited to be next in line of Belgians to MLS

FRISCO - Smiling faces have been a staple of the first week of preseason training at Toyota Stadium, but none has been bigger than Roland Lamah's. 

The Belgian international originally from Ivory Coast joins FC Dallas after an extensive career in the biggest leagues in Europe, following a trend of many of his countrymen.

"I’m very happy to meet my teammates and it’s a great atmosphere," said Lamah after training on Tuesday. "They’ve received me well and I’m really happy to start preseason. I feel good."

Lamah is the next in a line of Belgians to join MLS and said he talked to league stars like Jelle Van Damme and Laurent Ciman as well as Pa Modou Kah. 

"I asked Kah and he said that it’s a good league for me and I would enjoy it here," said Lamah. "They’ve spoken really highly of the league."

If Lamah can find the same success that these players have in the league, FC Dallas fans should be very excited about their new winger. Brought in as a replacement for Fabian Castillo, Lamah brings speed and skill to the wing opposite Michael Barrios and others.

Lamah speaks French and Spanish fluently and says his English is improving. After all, he was able to give the interview in English. 

"I’ve always liked America and I’ve always liked MLS because I’ve had teammates here," said Lamah. "For me in my career, it was very important for me to come here. FC Dallas is a great opportunity and I’m very happy to be here."

The winger has been welcomed with open arms from his new teammates. Of course, the 60 and 70-degree temperatures through the first week of training help to put his new Texas home's best foot forward as well.

"Really nice weather," said Lamah. "That’s good for me. Warmer than France."