Hollingshead Accident Recovery

Ryan Hollingshead Speaks to Local Media after Accident Helping Motorist Jan. 6

It's been almost two weeks since Ryan Hollingshead was injured in when he was struck by a car helping a stranded motorist along an icy Dallas highway, and on Wednesday he spoke to local media about how he thought, for a short time, he was paralyzed after the accident. 

Take a read and watch each outlet's own take on the story below:

Dallas Morning News

"Most North Texans remember it as the Friday when icy roads snarled traffic. For Hollingshead, it's the night he and another Good Samaritan were standing on the Bush Tollway shoulder helping a fellow motorist when they were struck by another car and launched into the air." READ MORE


"'I was laying there on the ground for about 10 seconds without being able to move,' said Hollingshead. 'In that time, I thought that was it. I'm done playing soccer. Taylor (Hollinghead's wife) is going to have to take care of me for the rest of my life. I'm paralyzed.'" READ MORE


"'I had no time to kind of react, and the last second, I jumped and turned and put my back towards the car,' Hollingshead said. 'The world was just spinning so much, I wasn't sure what was going on until I hit.'" READ MORE


"Ryan says feeling began to return and he remarkably stood and walked to his car, where Taylor was facing the other way and had missed the accident.

'There's blood on his face. He's missing his shoes, and his arms are contorted like they can't even move,' she recalled." READ MORE

CBS 11

“'There wasn’t even a question about whether or not we would stop,' said Taylor Hollingshead. 'Ryan just wanted to make sure that that man was safe.'” READ MORE