DRAFT | Looking at the draft day scenarios for FC Dallas

Draft day is almost here as FC Dallas looks to add some of the final pieces to their roster before the start of preseason on January 23rd. With three picks in the top 40, FCD will certainly have some options to play with as they navigate draft day and if there's one thing we've learned about the Superdraft, it's that anything can happen. Let's run down the scenarios that we could see on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Stand pat & use your picks

With the #18, #37 and #40 picks, FCD in this strategy wouldn't necessarily be able to snag the top-end talent at the higher levels of the draft, but would be able to grab multiple players to compete for a few spots during the preseason. With needs in central defense, central midfield and goalkeeper, this option would allow FCD to bring in a few different players to fight for those coveted roster spots.

There have certainly been players taken in these spots who became major MLS contributors and if you want to go for the quantity, this is definitely the route to take. 

Quality over quantity

While Dallas is blessed to have three picks in the top 40, there is a negative in that their first pick is at #18. Now, of course, you want to have a lower pick because it means you did well in the previous season, but all the history shows that your odds of finding an impact player outside of the top 10 decreases the farther you go.

If Dallas is looking to snag one of the top rated players in the draft pool, a combination of their three picks plus perhaps some allocation money would certainly give FCD the chance to move into the top 10 and perhaps acquire a Generation adidas player or one of the top seniors in the draft pool.

We all know how Technical Director Fernando Clavijo loves to wheel and deal so you're going to want to keep a close eye on that first hour in the draft. 

Run away! 

Say you get to that #18 pick and there's no one on the board that really piques your interest. After all, this FC Dallas team is probably the deepest in franchise history and will take something really strong to break through. 

Well, there's likely going to be another team out there who does find someone at #18 that they like and perhaps offers you a first rounder next year or allocation money for the spot. There's always the chance that FCD could bow out of the first round and live to fight another day. 

It all goes down at 2:00PM Friday afternoon in Los Angeles so tune into the live stream on and follow all our pre-draft content at