Ferreira QA

Q&A | Get to know Homegrown signing Jesus Ferreira

On Thursday, FC Dallas announced forward Jesus Ferreira as the club's 16th Homegrown player in franchise history. Once of the brightest young talents in the club, Ferreira has scored dozens of goals playing against older competition. Having been with the club since his family moved to Frisco in 2009 with his father David Ferreira winning MLS MVP with FCD back in 2010, Ferreira is the first player that has been with the club since before his 10th birthday to sign a Homegrown contract. Get to know the youngster a little better: 

What is your favorite restaurant? 

–Olive Garden

When you turn 16 what do you want your first car to be?


Who’s your favorite musical act?


What is your favorite Dallas team besides FCD?


Who is the first person you told after you signed?

–My counselor at Lone Star, Ms. Cole

What is your favorite fast food spot?


Who is your favorite Dallas athlete outside of your FCD teammates? 

–Ezekiel Elliot

Who is your favorite all-time FCD player(besides your dad)?

–Fabian Castillo

What is your preferred FIFA team(besides FCD)?


What is your most embarrassing soccer moment?

–I got 'megged twice in a row by a teammate last year out here on the practice field. That’s more embarassing than anything from an opponent because your teammates never let you forget about it.

What's your goal celebration?

–I just try to make something different every game. We talk about it before the game.