All-Star Urruti

All-Star: Three Reasons to Vote for Maxi Urruti

Voting for the MLS All-Star game is in full swing and you've got just under a month to cast your vote for the eight FC Dallas players who are nominated for the team, including forward Maxi Urruti. Voting closes July 4th, the game is scheduled for July 28th, and if you're already #DTID, we don't need to convince you to vote for Urruti, but here are three extra reasons to vote the Argentinian onto the All-Star team.

He knows MLS

He's logged almost 4,000 minutes on the pitch in both regular season and post-season games since 2013 - and he could easily add another 90 at the All-Star game -  and he's also started in 13 games so far this season, out of 14 total games. So he's got ample experience not only in starting but in endurance as well, and he's no stranger to performing during high-stakes games.


He leads FC Dallas with 16 shots on goal and 36 shots, and also lands in second place for goals with three, tied with Fabian Castillo (3) and falling just behind Michael Barrios (5) and Tesho Akindele (5). Castillo and Barrios, coincidentally, are also nominated for the All-Star team, so you should vote for them while you vote for Urruti.

Dance Dance Revolution

He's got the best dance moves of any player in the MLS. Don't believe it? Check out his bow and arrow goal celebration, or watch him dance after scoring against the Philadelphia Union in March, or watch him goof off to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" in this season's first edition of Name That Tune. The guy's got some sweet moves, and we're pretty sure he'd like a chance to show them off at the All-Star game, too.