24 facts about 24 Under 24 Nominee Kellyn Acosta

MLSsoccer.com has released their prestigious 24 under 24 annual list today and Homegrown midfielder Kellyn Acosta comes in at #14 this year, his first but certainly not last appearance on the list. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Kellyn recently to find out 24 facts about him that you may or may not have known. Here's 24 facts about Kellyn and remember, he only turned 20 a couple months ago. 

1. Kellyn has been to at least 15 countries including just about everywhere in Europe, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand and Australia

2. His grandma is Japanese and his dad was born in Japan as well. That means, yes, Kellyn is eligible for the Japanese National Team. But they shouldn't get any bright ideas, Kellyn is loyal to the red, white and blue.

3. The worst hair cut Kellyn has ever received? In New Zealand this summer. "I got a haircut that messed up my hair nasty. Worst haircut ever." 

4. Kellyn was born at Plano Medical Center in Carrollton. He's truly a hometown kid.

5. Kellyn has done some pretty crazy things for a 20-year-old. Among the craziest for him is riding a camel through the desert in the UAE which he and the rest of his teammates did during the 2014 preseason. 

6. The player who helped bring Kellyn to the club? Give a big thank you to Furman University midfielder Marco Carrizales. Marco, an FCD Academy graduate, helped recruit Kellyn at just 13 years old. "Our dads talked, I talked to Chris Hayden and came out to a couple practices and liked it." 

7. Kellyn's pregame meal? Five-cheese ziti with shrimp from Olive Garden. He goes before every home game, but doesn't eat the breadsticks. "I stay away from them or I'll eat all of them."

8. Kellyn is one of the lucky few to have the Chipotle free burrito card. His go-to burrito? White rice and chicken with a little bit of sour cream, medium salsa and he doesn't forget the chips and guac. 

9. His favorite video game is FIFA on the PS4. No surprise there.

10. He once got in trouble for trying to forge his dad's signature in school on a field trip permission form. Grounded for a week.

11. He has started college at Southern New Hampshire University looking to study business studies and sports management.

12. Before signing his Homegrown contract, Kellyn was committed to play at the University of Maryland. 

13. Other than his current FC Dallas coaching staff, Kellyn credits Dallas Tornado veteran Zequinha for his development as a coach. Zequinha coached Kellyn from when he was seven years old until he joined FCD.

14. His favorite restaurants in Dallas? Gloria's and Pappadeaux's. 

15. He celebrated his first contract by going out to eat Mexican food. That's what pretty much all of us would do.

16. His Michael Jordan moment? Kellyn was put on the JV soccer team his freshman year "because of politics" then left for the US Soccer U-17 Residency program.

17. He's never been to homecoming or prom. He's gotten asked but couldn't make it. 

18. His three favorite moments as a player? The U-18 National Championship, his debut start in Seattle as an 18-year-old and scoring his first goal just a few weeks ago.

19. Kellyn has the second-most minutes played as a teenager in franchise history behind only Joselito Vaca. 

20. Kellyn was one of just two players on both the 2013 and 2015 United States U-20 World Cup team along with goalkeeper Zach Steffen.

21. Kellyn has pretty much played every position on the field except goalkeeper, but he clearly enjoys playing most in central midfield.

22. Kellyn's high school mall hangout? Collin Creek Mall. 

23. Kellyn was a soccer referee at a younger age, but noted the parents would scream at him. Perhaps it helps him keep his cool on the field now?

24. His favorite players growing up? Oscar Pareja, Eddie Johnson and Bobby Rhine.