FC Dallas' Mobile Sales Team knows how to throw a pool party

By Jeremy Villanueva

The party don’t start ‘til FC Dallas walks in, and this summer has been a non-stop party.

FCD’s mobile sales team has hosted handfuls of pool parties across the DFW area this summer as a chance to have some fun and enjoy the sun while raising money for Kicks for Kids pres. by Raytheon.

“We work individually with different properties all throughout the DFW just to have them have two great events,” FCD Mobile Sales Manager Ryan Hurtado said. “One with a pool party where our sponsors and Budweiser provide some beer. We’ll bring some pizza, some great music and DJs, promo items, etc. You name it. [The other] the party itself, we’re raising money for our Kicks for Kids initiative for underprivileged youth to the game.”

Hurtado said not only will you expect the dance battles that’ll ensue when the DJ gets going, but also you’ll get a lively experience to soak up the hot temperature and have an excuse to jump in the pool and have a good time.

“I think one thing first and foremost is people were looking for a way to come out to an FC Dallas match,” Hurtado said. “The cool thing of having them come out and having their property buy them tickets to come out to a game is really exciting. Two, people are really excited about soccer right now so to have a face-to-face and meet people in the industry [is exciting].”

The apartments get good feedback and the apartments want to make these pool parties a year-to-year things as people are excited to have a good time at the party and make it to the game, according to Hurtado. Now in the program's third year, FCD mobile will host six pool parties this summer and has added both season ticket holders and big groups coming out to Toyota Stadium after making introductions at these parties.

“It’s been fun for us to give people their first taste and then have them keep coming back,” Hurtado said.

If you’re interested in getting FC Dallas for a pool party at your property, contact Hurtado at rhurtado@fcdallas.net.