Tesho San Jose

Akindele's debut another bright spot for FC Dallas in frustrating loss

The kids are alright.

We’ve seen it throughout the year with young players starting all over the field for FCD and on Saturday in San Jose, another youngster was given his starting debut as Tesho Akindele became the seventh player aged 22 or younger to start a game for FCD this season.


“It was just excitement,” Akindele said after the game. “Maybe a little bit of nerves, but luckily I’ve played in games before so most of the nerves were gone. It was mostly just excitement. It was a great field, great atmosphere and I was happy to be out there.”

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Drafted sixth overall in the 2014 draft from the Colorado School of Mines, Akindele has impressed in reserve games for FC Dallas and made two cameo appearances at the end of a couple MLS games recently, but Saturday was his starting debut. After finding out the morning of Saturday’s game that he would be given the nod, Akindele said that coach Pareja told him to “go out there and do what I do.”

“He did well. It was a great game for Tesho in his first game as a starter,” Pareja said after the match. “He came in and showed personality and I think he adapted to the game and the [level] which is difficult to play at. Tesho did good and he’s coming along. I’m happy for his performance.”

It took Tesho some time to find his feet in Saturday’s match, but the Colorado native who scored an impressive 76 goals during his time at CSoM certainly became more comfortable as the match went on. Akindele was extremely active down the right side of the pitch, especially in the second half, where Tesho completed two key passes and nearly scored on a couple chances.

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As for the result, a 2-1 loss which was FCD’s fourth in a row, Akindele says that no one is putting their heads down and it’s far too early to be panicking.

“You can’t fault any person for how they played. It was just unlucky for us overall, the ball wasn’t bouncing our way,” said Akindele. “It’s a long season, so overall it’s such a small part of the season you can’t get all bummed out over such a little part of the season.”