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Preseason Blog: Living the dream

Living the dream.

It's a phrase I've heard used countless times in my life, and now, for the first time ever, I can truly say I'm living the dream. My job is to play soccer. It's what I've always wanted. No more homework. No more summer jobs. Just soccer.

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We're halfway through preseason and it's been intense to say the least. Lots of travel, lots of practice, and very little down time. The MLS preseason is a lot longer then preseason in college. We're all tired and sore. The coaches are pushing us hard to make sure we're ready for the season, but no matter how tired or sore I feel, I always remember: I'm living the dream. There's nothing I would rather be doing, no place I would rather be.

Making the transition from college to the MLS has been difficult. As you would expect, the players are faster, stronger, and smarter. But playing at a higher level every day, twice a day is definitely making me better. I'm learning as much as possible from the older players, both on and off the field. And as our time in Florida is coming to an end, I can see improvement in my game.

Becoming a successful player on this team, and in this league will take a lot of work, but success never comes overnight. It takes determination, focus, patience, and a willingness to learn.

Some days it's tough, but I never forget that I'm living the dream!