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Technical Director Fernando Clavijo discusses Andres Escobar signing in Friday conference call

FRISCO, Texas - Fernando Clavijo certainly hasn't taken any time off since returning from UAE. Since arriving on Wednesday afternoon, Clavijo and FCD have announced two major signings to add to what is looking like the deepest squad in quite some time.

On Friday morning, it was the announcement that FCD has acquired 22-year-old Colombian forward Andres "Manga" Escobar on loan from Dynamo Kiev to theoretically fill the void left on the right side by the departure of Jackson. Having grown up in the same Deportivo Cali system as Fabian Castillo, Manga and the FCD winger have been close friends for quite some time and while Escobar struggled with his move to Europe, a re-birth in Dallas with Castillo and Oscar Pareja at the helm could bode well for the FCD attack.

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"Since I arrived on this team, this player’s name has been followed by the previous regime...somebody who was identified at the same time that Fabian Castillo was," Clavijo siad in a Friday conference all. "We came across an opportunity to bring him on loan and we’re excited. We’re excited he’s in the team. He’s going to be reunited with Castillo, a replacement for Jackson and he’s going to make this team very aggressive going forward, very attractive. "So I’m really excited to see him in Dallas."

Clavijo said that Castillo was not involved in the process of bringing Escobar to Frisco, but the prospects of two young Colombians flying down the Toyota Stadium wings is something that should scare opposition defenses.

"I think that like we have done with Castillo, how we’ve seen him mature, I think it’s going to be the same thing with [Escobar]," said Clavijo. "So I’m excited to see him in the field and let him on the field. I think he’ll understand extremely well what Oscar wants from him on the field and how he’s going to help the team win games."

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"When you’re talking about two wingers coming at you with the speed of Fabian and Andres, I don’t want to be a defender on the other team."