Superdraft 2

2014 MLS SuperDraft FC Dallas Live Blog

10:13: Hello and welcome to our 2014 MLS SuperDraft live blog! I'm Daniel Robertson coming to you live from the Philadelphia Convention Center where FC Dallas currently has the #5 overall pick. I say currently because there is a feeling in the room that pretty much anything can happen today.

The FC Dallas coaching staff including new head coach Oscar Pareja and technical director Fernando Clavijo are here and the party is about 45 minutes away from getting started. 

Stick with us here on the live blog as I'll be your eyes and ears on the ground in Philly. 

10:19: This is a pretty fascinating situation for FCD because from well over a dozen people I've talked to both within the team and outside that there's no real consensus on what FCD could do. We could see them trade up, down or pick someone relatively out of the blue. Seems like an obvious thing to say, but it's kind of rare given that FCD hasn't had too many draft surprises in recent years. 

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10:27: It finally feels real when you see Oscar at the FCD draft table. Pic coming soon.

10:31: There he is.

10:41: Things are definitely ramping up here in Philly. As Leigh Anne, the FC Dallas PR director sitting next to me said, "These are the longest 20 minutes." Philly and New York fans are trading non-stop chants at each other. 

10:45: A look at the MLS digital room where all the teams are set up. Needless to say it's probably the busiest place in the convention center at the moment. 

10:50: Brian Dunseth up on stage right now explaining the rules. 4 minutes per pick and a 5 minute break between rounds. 

11:00: Don Garber has spoken and we are live at the SuperDraft! Tune to ESPNNews for all the action and stay tuned to the live blog for more! This is exciting. 

11:09: WOW! DC United has traded the #1 pick to Philadelphia who selects GK Andre Blake from UCONN! 

11:11: The Philly fans chant "One of us." As Andre Blake speaks to Brian Dunseth. Made me laugh. DC is on the clock. 

11:14: DC United selects Steve Birnbaum from Cal. Not a surprise. Two picks away from FCD at #5. 

11:35: Sorry for the delay...WE HAVE A TRADE! FC Dallas has traded the #5 pick to Montreal for their #10 pick...FCD surely got something else out of that but we don't know what yet. 

11:39: So now the question becomes who is FCD targeting at #10? Marlon Hairston or Pedro Ribeiro perhaps? Or maybe Mullins slides? IT'S DRAFT MADNESS!!

11:42: EDM is absolutely blaring over the soundsystem right now. Not that anyone was about to fall asleep anyways...

11:53: A stunner in Philly! FCD trades up to #6 overall pick to select forward Tesho Akindele from Colorado School of Mines. He's not at the draft but people are saying very good things about him on Twitter. 

12:18: I got a chance to talk to's Jason Saghini about Tesho and he told me that Akindele is an extremely smart kid who scored bags of goals at the D2 level, but the question was always whether that could translate. He had a fantastic Combine and shot up the draft board. 

12:20: Learn more about Tesho by reading Simon Borg's MLS Combine profile of the rookie 

12:25: Here's your Tesho highlights 

12:30: We're nearing the end of the first round of the draft. Just three picks remain until a 5 minute break where we will hopefully get comments from the FCD Technical staff on the pick. 

1:06: Just got a chance to talk to Clavijo and he was very pleased with the day. FCD picked up the guy they wanted and managed to get an international slot for a year out of the deal. Not bad at all. Stay tuned for the comments from Clavijo soon. 

1:28: We're into the mid-second round now and I think it's pretty safe to say FCD is done with their work for the day so I'm going to wrap up the live blog and get to work on articles. We'll have reaction from Tesho and Fernando coming up so stay tuned.