FC Dallas Century Club Q&A with Zach Loyd

Continuing our season-long celebration of FC Dallas players joining the Century Club (100 starts for FCD), we talked to the fifth player to join the club this year, Zach Loyd who, against Los Angeles, became the 16th player in franchise history to achieve the honor. Loyd is the second-fastest player to achieve 100 starts for the club, behind only Jason Kreis. 

What's your favorite memory with FC Dallas?

I would say the Western Conference Championship and the team barbeques off the field.

What's your favorite thing about living in Texas?

I would say the people, everyone here is really friendly. I lived up north for a little bit and its not the same.

What's the toughest thing to adjust to living in Texas?

There’s nothing to do in the outdoors

What’s the biggest difference between Texas and Oklahoma?

We have hills in Oklahoma 

If you could live anywhere outside the US where would you pick?


What's one Texan habit you’ve picked up?

Definitely just saying ya’ll sometimes, but I’ve done that for awhile

What's your favorite restaurant in Dallas?

Kotta Sushi

What's your favorite away city in MLS?


Who's the toughest opponent within the league to defend against?

Maybe just because it’s fresh on my mind, but Robbie Keane. He’s just so smart.

Who's your favorite sports team, outside FC Dallas of course?


What are your favorite hobbies outside soccer?

Fishing, hunting, being in the outdoors

What's your favorite TV show?

The Walking Dead

Whos' your favorite musician?


If I wasn’t playing soccer, I would be ___

I would hope to be a pro bass fisher, but probably teaching

When I retire I hope to ___

Work with high school kids