Century Club Q&A with Kenny Cooper

Continuing our season-long celebration of FC Dallas players joining the Century Club (100 starts for FCD), we caught up with Kenny Cooper who, against Philadelphia, became the 14th player in franchise history to achieve the honor. Kenny Cooper is the second-highest scorer in franchise history with 41 goals. 

What's your favorite memory with FC Dallas?

It’s hard to distinguish just one…maybe my first ever game here against Chicago in 2006 stands out as one of my favorites. It’s just such a unique thing to be able to play in your home town in front of family and friends and to be able to share all the good experiences with the people you love.

What's one of your favorite things about living in Texas?

*As Marcus walks by* Definitely being around [equipment manager] Marcus Owens every day.

What's one of your main Texan habits?

Definitely saying “ya’ll,” I took that one to Europe with me.

What was your favorite thing about living in Germany?

Experiencing the culture in Munich.

What's one of the things you miss most about Germany?

The friends I made over there.

What's your favorite restaurant spot in Dallas?

I’m a big brunch guy, I love brunch. One of my favorite places is Allgood Cafe in Deep Ellum, it’s definitely between that and Oddfellows. I want to include that Chipotle is always up there as well.

What's your favorite away city to play at in MLS?

I say both Portland and New York. I really enjoyed my times there, the fans in both places treated me well and I’m really looking forward to going back and showing appreciation for the support they gave me.

Who's one of the toughest defenders in the league to go against?

I’ll say Stephen Keel.

What's your favorite sports team outside of FC Dallas?

Manchester United.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of playing soccer?

Watching soccer…I actually enjoy trying to learn German, but I’m glad you’re not going to test it.

What's one of your favorite TV shows?

I actually just started Game of Thrones and I’m enjoying it very much.

Who's your favorite musician or band?

I love Mumford and Sons.

If I wasn’t playing soccer, I would be ____

Very, very sad.