Q&A with George John

Continuing our season-long celebration of FC Dallas players joining the Century Club (100 starts for FCD), we caught up with George John who, against San Jose, became the 13th player in franchise history to achieve the honor, as well as just the third player to do it exclusively under the FC Dallas name (Drew Moor, Jair Benitez). 

What's your favorite memory with FC Dallas?

MLS Cup 2010.

What's your favorite thing about living in Texas?

Barbeque and the people.

What's the toughest thing to adjust to living in Texas?

Driving everywhere and not being able to walk many places.

What's one Texan habit you’ve picked up?

"Ya’ll"…I’m not sure if that’s Texan or just the south, but I like it.

What's your favorite restaurant in Dallas?

Veracruz Café.

What's your favorite away city in MLS?

I’d have to say Seattle, I do enjoy Portland’s stadium a lot, but in Seattle I get to hang out with my family.

Who's the toughest opponent within the league to defend against?

Thierry Henry.

Who's your favorite sports team, outside FC Dallas of course?

Seattle Supersonics…or University of Washington Football.

What are your favorite hobbies outside soccer?

I enjoy tennis and riding my bike on the Katy Trail.

Who's your favorite tennis player?

Marcos Baghdatis, but he hasn’t been anywhere recently. Federer too. I hate to say the obvious, but he’s so classy you can’t knock the guy. Pete Sampras too, he’s first because he’s Greek American.

What's your favorite TV show?

Shark Tank and The Walking Dead.

Whos' your favorite musician?

I’d say Macklemore, he was cool but I’m not sure anymore. I was ahead of the curve on him. I’d say John Legend.

If I wasn’t playing soccer, I would be ___

I’d be a big businessman.

University of Washington will win a football national championship by ___

I think I have a bet with Eric Alexander that they’re going to win it by 2015. I’ve got two years left, they’re going to do it.