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Transcript: FC Dallas fans chat with Dan Hunt

Fans were able to ask Vice President of Hunt Sports Group, Dan Hunt, questions on Thursday afternoon in a Facebook chat. The following is a transcript of the chat.


Will you ever have covered stands at Dallas FC Stadium?

Great question, I've been talking with my family about covering either the east side or the south side in the next two years. At this time we are not certain which it'll be.


Will we ever see the U.S. Men's National Team play in Frisco? I think we filled up the stadium for the women's team last year.

We made a real effort this year to get the US-Jamaica game and unfortunately we were not successful. Just know that we will try to get a USMNT game every chance we can.


With a strong youth program throughout D/FW how do you build to increase soccer here?

We're very pleased with how strong our youth program is but we have room for improvement. We hope that as we grow the club that it will help build fans for the First Team.


What was the thinking behind the Time Warner Cable deal? Don't you think it hurts overall exposure to causal fans?

We recognize that the service is not as readily available as we've had in the past. However, they've stepped up and offered the best possible platform for us to grow our brand for the future. The deal that we have shows their commitment to FC Dallas and soccer in the United States. As a fan you're going to love the HD broadcasts, the shoulder programming and the general presentation of the broadcast.


How close is the deal with Ramon Nunez to being finalized?

So that you hear it from me first, all parties have signed the contract and we are waiting for final league approval.


Dan: No questions, just a thank you for all you have done in the name of the Hunt family. I met your dad accidentally, around the holidays of '67 and early '68. Was privileged to work with many; Johnetta and Dale and many more. I asked your dad to send his favorite picture to me for the North Texas Soccer Office and he sent the one with the football pins on his left side. Knowing that it was his favorite was all I needed;-)) The book I am doing on the history of NT will have that picture in it I assure you. Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind post. We appreciate everything that you have done for soccer! Have a great day.


Has FC Dallas ever considered hosting/playing in a tournament like the World Football Challenge? I was at the Inter Milan game a few years back and the atmosphere was incredible. Games like that really expose FCD.

We are chasing a game this summer with an international opponent. I hope to have an update for you in the next two weeks.


Are we any closer to a new stadium sponsor? Is there a new kit to reveal (before the home opener)?

Our 2013 AdvoCare jersey is now available in the Team Shop, we're thrilled to have them as our partner. I currently am working with several companies to see if I can't get naming rights for us and the fans. Please stay tuned!


What is being done to get more local sports coverage?

We are excited to say that we just had the largest media day in the history of the club on Tuesday. As we continue to grow on and off the field, we feel the media exposure will continue to grow with us. It's an exciting time to be a part of FC Dallas!


What do you think about Blas Perez?

Blas is an outstanding soccer player. He had a good year last year but I think he's poised to have a great year this year. With David healthy and the acquisition of Kenny and Eric, it should take some of the focus off of Blas and let him do what he does best, which is put the ball in the back of the net. Viva Super Raton!


What's up with only 1 game against Houston? Shouldn't the MLS give us at least a home and home against our biggest rival?

The unbalanced schedule creates the irregularity in sometimes only playing them once. I would love to play them every week...and beat them every week!


Have you considered expanding your local marketing west? There are no tier 1 pub partners in Fort Worth for away games. Supporters have built the watching parties there almost single handedly.

I appreciate the question. Fort Worth is an extremely important market for us and I want to do everything I can to get our message out in Cowtown. Thanks for helping spread our brand.


When are you going to fire the coach?

We want to put the best possible product on the field that we can. We all have to respect the coaches decisions but I expect this team to be competing for a championship this year and for many more to come.


I was wondering if bringing a designated player to Dallas is something that has crossed you're mind or others, or if FC Dallas would rather make offers for non-designated players. I personally would love to have a big name in Dallas!

We currently have two DP's. David Ferreira and Fabian Castillo. We will always entertain bringing a big name to Dallas but currently we're maxed out on our salary cap. I believe that this is the most talented group of players that we have ever had on the roster and the team chemistry is as good as I've ever seen. Sometimes, having a high-paid mercenary is not the best answer. Let's see what this season will bring us.


With soccer growing in America and players improving, fan support growing, etc; Where do you see FC Dallas 5 years down the road? I know this is a big projection but with all of the youth in Texas that I played with and against, do you see FCD becoming an LA Galaxy or NY Red bull sized club?

In five years I see FC Dallas being the largest producer of homegrown talent in MLS. I want the world to look to our team as a developer of superstars. If we have not won several championships in that time period, then I will be very disappointed.


Thanks for all of your great questions but unfortunately I have to head out and get ready for Cocktails and Cleats tonight! If I don't see you tonight, I will see you this Saturday at 7:30. I'm so excited to do this with our fans and plan on more chats in the very near future. #DTID