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Supporters Corner: Red Shamrock

This is the third of a four-part series highlighting FC Dallas’ Supporters Groups.

For the family-oriented fan, chanting and singing along with Red Shamrock will feel just like home.

“We are a family friendly group that likes to have fun, said Red Shamrock Captain and co-founder Wayne McMullen. “The Beer Garden is great for the young, free and single, but for those who are young and have kids in tow... we are your group! But do be aware that we stand for quite a bit of the game – stand with us and we will be willing to teach you some of our chants.”

Red Shamrock is composed of parents, teachers and people who love FC Dallas. The group is driven by its passion to teach others how singing and chanting can help change the game.  The language of their songs and chants is kept family friendly. They believe the passion of a fan is measured in how loud and sustained the cheer, and not by the color of the words in the cheer.

“It's easy to go to a game with your family, sit around eating nachos and hot dogs, and occasionally jump up and cheer when the team does well,” said McMullen. “But there is another level of support that most families are missing out on.  What I love more than anything is leading our little group in songs and chants and watching the kids get into it.”

Their mission is simple: Sing Loud- Sing Proud. Lyrics to all of Red Shamrock’s songs and chants are available on their website because they know that fans near section 101 are dying to sing along. 

“If you don't know the words, then clap along,” said McMullen. “That's what God gave you hands for! All it takes is the courage to get started and they will see how much fun it is and just how much it supports and lifts the team.”

Red Shamrock started out in 2012 as a small group of close friends. As the season progressed, families and supporters were drawn to the group’s enthusiasm and kid friendly atmosphere. This season the group has more than doubled in size and will take up the first five rows of Section 101.  The plan is to capitalize on the expansion of the field seats a few feet away from 101 and make the section a place for parents to bring their kids to learn how to be an active supporter. 

“We plan on being as loud and having as much fun as possible, while providing FCD with the positive support it deserves,” said McMullen. “The Red Shamrock Captains are ready to teach you the songs and chants of FCD so you too can SING LOUD-SING PROUD!”

For more information on Red Shamrock visit They can also be found on Facebook at or on Twitter at @RedShamrockFCD