FC Dallas Media Day - fan chat transcript, part II


FCDallas.com allowed fans to get in on Media Day this year. The following is Part II of the marathon chat session featuring FC Dallas players answering questions from fans. Part I can be found here.


Bobby Warshaw

What up guys

I'll now take your questions about soccer, girls, and world politics




Isnt everyone Barca?


Bobby, do you feel like a seasoned veteran on this young team? has it been a transition for you?

It's a catch22 when it comes to feeling like a seasoned veteran

When you say that, it makes me feel old. But when it comes to soccer, it's a good thing. So, yeah, on the field I feel like one of the older and more mature guys. But I'd like to think that off the field I'm not quite there yet


Sup BW. Which young players on the team have made great strides do you think? Good luck this year bro!

I always like that question. Usually the ones that make the biggest strides are the ones that put in the most hours. And those guys should always get their credit

Top and Victor are usually the two that are on the field the longest. When practices ends, they are always doing extra reps and getting extra work. It's shown in their performance. They've gotten better each year and can contribute when they are called on


Hey Bobbyyy What 3 characteristics as a team do you think need to remain constant in order to get you successfully through the season and clinch a playoff spot?

hmm.. this is a serious one. I was ready for more questions on girls and world politics

The biggest trait we can have is competitiveness. We have really talented players that can do special things to win games. But you need to compete and fight to give those guys a chance to do their thing

so if we show up every day and battle and stay in games, you'll see the stars score goals


Bobby!! Blonde or Brunette?

There we go!

I am proudly non-discriminational.


Bobby! It's great seeing you tear it up again. How's the new formation feeling thus far?

The new formation is exciting

Like anything new, it has its growing pains. There are some difficult parts to it

But its upside is really high. We can play really attractive and, more importantly, really effective soccer with it.


So George was asked earlier who would win a fight - Warshaw or Jacobson and his response was "Warshaw would come out barking really loud, but Jacobson would out smart him and win." What do you say to that?

(Momentary break.. I need to get an okay on what I can and can't say)

I'd say that is factually inaccurate


Keel is trying to get me to do KeelCam right now.

He is telling me about his ex-girlfriend

We looked her up on facebook the other day. She's alright


Bobbyyyy!!! What do you do to relax on your spare time and give yourself a break from the daily grind that being on an awesome team like FCD can be?

During preseason, I went through 7 seasons of West Wing

I'd say that we all go through more TV series than we are proud to admit

One of our favorite (and by our, I mean George, Ugo, and me) things to do is to go to Legacy or uptown for lunch after practice and sit on the patio while we eat. Sunglasses on, makes me feel real cool


Bobby, How difficult has it been to stay committed and focused while you were injured last year - and furthermore, to "get your chance" to play regularly? and What is the "new formation" that FC Dallas are employing (sorry, I don't get the chance to see you play to often)?

You guys are coming out firing on some of these. I like it.

It's hard to stay committed when things aren't going well. I wish I could say it's always a breeze and practice is always great. But when you aren't playing, it's tough.

And I think it should be tough. You want guys that aren't happy about it. It makes those guys, and as a result everyone around them, work harder. Through that extra intensity guys get better and the team players better

So the answer is that it sucks. But it's not about that initial reaction. It's what you do with that emotion. It's how you channel it, to either give in or to work harder. If you do the second, then it's a good thing in the end


Ok, World Politics, what do you think of the nuclear testing North Korea did a week ago would mean for our relationship with them?

Those fools are crazy

That's all I got. And I'm not embarrassed by that answer, because I think it's all that our government's got too


What is going to be like not having Hartman back there supporting you

It's been weird without Hartman around

I know it's been said a lot, but Hartman is as good as advertised, both as a player and a professional. But with that said, Seitz and Raul are playing really well right now.

While any team would miss a legend like Hartman (he'll be so happy that I just said that), we are confident that Chris or Raul can do a really good job


Who is your Hollywood crush?

You guys will see the answer to this on video board this year so I can't ruin the surprise

But I will tell you that after watching her interviews at the Oscars, I am adding Jennifer Lawrence to the list

Down to earth, pretty but not too pretty, can probably pay for dates out


Thoughts on Robbie Rogers retirement and him coming out?

His retirement is disappointing. But I think (hope) the two aren't related. His ability adds a lot to the league. Whenever he wants to play again, any team would welcome him with open arms

From a social point, I hope we get to a point when players don't have to come out, when it isn't a big deal. He is extraordinarily brave for doing so and it's certainly good for future players, but from a personal standpoint, I look forward to a time when it doesn't require an announcement, when him liking guys or girls doesn’t make a difference.


What did you think of Seth McFarlane hosting the Oscars?

I didn't watch. I tried for a few minutes and then got kinda bored. I turned on Game of Thrones to get ready for the new season


Bobby growing up did you play multiple sports or was soccer your main focus.

I played all sports growing up. Baseball, basketball, snowball fights. You name it and I was in the back yard playing it.

I have two older brothers so I was always trying to copy what they were doing. Fortunately they played a lot of soccer so that took up most of the time


Alright, thanks for hanging out guys. I appreciate you guys taking the time.

Let's get it done this weekend. Can't wait to see you all out there.


Stephen Keel

Keel, how long does it take you to do your hair in the morning?

Solid question Jenn. Funny enough it takes about 3 mins. I shower and get it wet, then just dry it with a towel and I am ready to rock for the day


Stephen, excited to have you join the Hoops! How do you feel about everyone saying college soccer is becoming less important in the development of USA professionals as a former college product?

Jeremy I appreciate the complex question...I will tap into my Wake Forest education for this one....

I would have to disagree somewhat with that statement. If you look at today’s game, some of the best young talent in the league are products of college soccer. Hedges, London Woodberry, Austin Berry, Nyarko, Nagbe to name a few...there are special players that skip college but overall I think the college system does a great job of preparing players for the pros...especially Wake Forest.


Keel, welcome! What's the biggest difference you've seen thus far between the coaching styles of Hyndman vs. Backe?

It is great to be here! One difference between Coach Backe and Coach Hyndman is one is a 9th degree black belt and the other loves ice hockey. Another major difference is one is my current coach and the other is my former coach.


Bobby, why is Cal considered such a better school than Stanford?

Mute point there Carl...Wake tops both of them


Well this has been fun, this has been real fun! Thanks for the quality banter and see you guys Saturday

Keel out.


Eric Hassli

Which team are you looking most forward to playing against this season?



Tell us again why you are so happy to *&$*#$ be here? We are ready for goals on goals on goals

I am happy because we have a team that plays well. Texas is a great place to raise a family.


Out of all the ink you have, which is your favorite?

My favorite tattoo is of my children

It’s on my torso and it was really painful


Super excited to have you in Dallas. You were super accepting of the fans when it was announced that we got you. Was there any determining factor of your excitement to come to Dallas?

Its great to be a part of this team and of course for my family too. From her family (my wife's) everybody has told me that this is a great place to raise kids.


Hassli!! Welcome to FCD man! What are you enjoying most about FCD? How do you feel the system fits for you and your style of play?

We have on the field five defensive players and the coach wants to keep the ball which is awesome.


You are so right there. Family being raised here you will never go wrong. What is your goal for the season?

My goal is to make the playoffs with the team, that's all. But I don't like to say that as I said it in the past and we didn't make the playoffs.


What do you like to do with your free time?

Riding horses, listening to music, and playing with my kids.

I listen to country music and hip hop but country mainly.

I was born and raised on country. We listened to Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash but my dad didn't understand the words haha.


Who's your favorite Revolution player?

Haha I like Lee Nguyen! He's a good guy.


Thank you so much fans and see you soon!


Kenny Cooper

Kenny!!! So good to see you in the Hoops again!!! Does it feel like a completely new team? What do you think of our attack this year?

Hi Jeremy. Thank you very much. It is great to be back. And yes, it does feel like a completely new team compared to when I was here. I believe George John and David Ferriera are the only two players here that were a part of the team back in 2009. Its really great to see those two familiar faces, especially because they are both such great players and leaders in the locker room. It is also great to meet new teammates and to have had a preseason to get integrated with everyone. In regards to the attack, there are a lot of quality players, so I am very excited to join in with them.


Welcome back, Coop! What did you miss most about Dallas?

Thanks Carl. There is a lot I have missed. Obviously my family, although my brother followed me to NY. It has been amazing being close to them again. I was able to celebrate my father's and brother in law's birthday yesterday. I have missed being about to share those moments with them and am looking forward to a lot more.


What is your favorite team? (Besides FC Dallas, of course)

Thanks for your question Kyle. I have supported Manchester United my whole life. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the club when I was younger, and that experience made me an even bigger fan. It is a massive, and successful club, but also Sir Alex and the players made a lasting impression on me because they were good, hard working people.


Would you please repeat your opening goal from 2009?

Hi Wyatt. I can't promise I will, but I may give it a go again at some point. That was a very lucky goal.


Do you see yourself finishing out your career here in Dallas?

Hi Huck. It would be amazing if I did. When I first started my career, I never could have told you all the places it has taken me. Soccer has given me an amazing opportunity to see the world, and I am very grateful for that. It has also brought me full circle back to Dallas. This career is very unpredictable, but I have really enjoyed the right thus far.


So between you, Blas and Hassli - should we refer to you guys as the 3 Wise Men, or are you guys working on better name?

I like the 3 wise men! Thanks for that Steve!!!


What do you think of the growing supporters sections in Dallas?

From my experiences of playing professionally in Dallas, and also growing up playing local ball, I know how many people love this game here and what a big part of so many people's lives it is. I am not surprised by the growing supporters sections and am sure it will continue to grow.


Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

With the other two wise men, I think we can take them all :)


Kenny, anyone ever tell you that you resemble Leonard Nemoy?

That is a first! I love a good doppelganger shout. I think the craziest one is Sebastian Le Toux. We actually met each other about 5 years ago and have called each other brother since.


Thanks so much for the questions and great welcome messages. I really enjoyed this and look forward to Saturday!!!!

Bye ya'll