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Schellas Hyndman addresses Brek Shea situation

FRISCO – Coach Schellas Hyndman addressed topic No. 1 for FC Dallas fans after Tuesday morning training: the latest on Brek Shea.

Monday night the club released a statement saying Shea was en route to Europe due to interest from other clubs, and Hyndman confirmed as much on Tuesday.

“We expect that to be decided on here in the next day or two,” Hyndman said of the potential move. “If it goes through – it goes through. If not he’ll be on the next plane back and a member of FC Dallas.”

Hyndman said Shea’s overseas trip came about quickly. The midfielder participated in training in Frisco on Monday morning, but was on a plane overseas by Monday evening.

The coach said any transfer appeared unlikely just a few days ago, as he had discussed the situation briefly with Shea.

“I talked to Brek – we did everything we possibly could, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen,” Hyndman said, briefly describing that conversation.

But Hyndman said the give and take of a negotiation involves stops and starts.

“You know how it works. It’s no different than when we talk to a player. We try to get him for as [little] as we can. We identify a player, we like a player, can we work out a deal? Well I want this, we’re not going to give you that. Then if you aren’t going to give me that, then you disappear for a while and you talk again,” Hyndman said, outlining a general negotiation for player.

Hyndman also said that the possible transfer is a sign of continued interest for top-level MLS players.

“I think we’ve all talked about all the opportunities that are out there for MLS players. Brek is one those players that has done well, caught people’s attention. Congratulations to him, congratulations to FC Dallas for developing him,” Hyndman said. “At the same time, right now he’s a member of FC Dallas and until I’m told differently we’re expecting him to be a part of the team.”