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Hyndman happy with 2013 SuperDraft

Schellas Hyndman is happy with how SuperDraft 2013 went for FC Dallas. Two picks that the club thought highly of wound up falling to FCD in the draft.

Defender Walker Zimmerman was taken at No. 7 and midfielder Ryan Hollingshead was selected at No. 20.

Neither player attended the MLS Combine in the days before the draft, which may have scared some teams off according to Hyndman.

Zimmerman, who skipped the combine as he recovers from an injury, is an absolute steal for FCD said the coach.

“A player that could go number one or two -- for us to get at number seven. For us it’s the first time in a while that the ball has bounced right for us,” Hyndman said.

Hyndman said the Generation adidas player from Furman had a skill set that was hard to overlook.

“He’s a big boy. He’s 6’3", good body size, good athlete. His first couple of steps are extremely quick. He’s powerful,” Hyndman said.

The coach added that Zimmerman scored more than a normal defender would because “he’s courageous to get the ball and has very good timing.”

Hyndman said he was surprised that no team picked up UCLA midfielder Ryan Hollingshead in the first round.

The midfielder didn’t attend the combine as he is currently out of the country.

“He said he would go down to Haiti and do some missionary work,” Hyndman said, adding that Hollingshead is expected back by the end of January.

Hollingshead was PAC12 Player of the Year in 2012 and second team All-American.

“We felt comfortable getting Ryan,” Hyndman said. “If he had been at the combine he would have been one of the first four picks.”