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Marco Ferruzzi ready for new role as first assistant

Marco Ferruzzi has had a hand in just about every coaching role for FC Dallas over the past eight seasons.

Hired as an assistant coach before the 2005 season after a professional career with a couple stints in MLS, Ferruzzi has coached the Academy, Reserves and even won two games as interim manager in 2008 before Schellas Hyndman was hired. Now, with the retirement of John Ellinger, Ferruzzi has now been promoted into his biggest role yet -- Hyndman’s right hand man.

“I’ve had the benefit of working with Schellas now for four solid years,” Ferruzzi said. “Understanding his methods, his approach to things and how he runs not just his training sessions, but how he manages his office…It provides a certain comfort level as to what his expectations are and how to get things done.”

Indeed, Ferruzzi has been through three head coaches as well as many ups and downs with the club in his eight years in Frisco, and no one knows the inner workings of the club better than the San Antonio-native.

“I feel like I can utilize what I’ve learned working with [Hyndman] to advance our goals with the club,” Ferruzzi said. “Which is obviously getting back into being a premier MLS side every single year with playoffs and international competitions.”

Having just finished his fourth full season working under Hyndman in Frisco, Ferruzzi offered a familiarity to the head coach that no one else could, making his promotion to top assistant a no-brainer.

“Every manager likes things a certain way so that’s what you deliver on,” Ferruzzi said. “I feel whenever he asks for critical advice, I give him my perspective whether it’s on a player or a game or an opponent. I think he receives that well and I think over time he knows there’s a loyalty and a trust factor that I bring to the table.”

It’s certainly something his boss agrees with.

“[Marco] has developed a lot of respect among his peers and shown the qualities we expect out of our first assistant coach,” Hyndman said in a club press release. “We are very excited to have him continue to grow in his role with FC Dallas. This puts him on the path to one day be considered for an MLS head coaching position.”  

As he heads into his ninth season with the club, Ferruzzi has become quite the fixture on the FC Dallas bench and with this promotion, a decade of service to the club doesn’t seem too far off.

 “I feel very much a part of FC Dallas and I think a lot of that is coming in here with the first year [as FC Dallas] and the re-brand,” said Ferruzzi who came in right before the team moved to Frisco. “You’ve been here from the beginning, you see where you’ve come from and where you’re going and it’s very cool to be a part of that."