MLS Playoffs - Semifinal Round - Leg One

The MLS Playoffs begin the semifinal round tonight with all four series playing Leg One at some point over the weekend. Friday night is Seattle vs RSL (9 p.m. CT on NBC Sports Network). Saturday features D.C. United hosting New York (7 p.m. CT on NBC Sports Network). Sunday has two matches: Houston vs Kansas City (2:30 p.m. on NBC) and LA Galaxy vs San Jose (8 p.m. CT on ESPN).

In other words, lots of playoff soccer to keep you entertained. Here are the staff picks and a chance for you to vote on who will win each Leg One match:


Scott Brown: SEA 0, RSL 2; DC 1, NY 1; HOU 1, KC 2; LA 2, SJ 2

Robert Casner: SEA 2, RSL 0; DC 2, NY 1; HOU 1, KC 1; LA 2, SJ 3

Mark Norris: SEA 2, RSL 1; DC 2, NY 0; HOU 2, KC 1; LA 1, SJ 2