Schellas training

Notebook: Ferreira trains with teammates, Hyndman on discipline

FRISCO, Texas – FC Dallas returned to the practice field for the first time since its loss at Houston to a pleasant development – David Ferreira wearing soccer boots and training with teammates.

Ferreira participated in team activities for the first half of the practice, including a drill where he was a “neutral” and he could play the ball without worrying about being tackled.

Ricardo Villar was also active in practice and played the “neutral” position in the same drill Ferreira did.

It’s all part of a phased plan to get Ferreira, the 2010 MLS MVP, back on the pitch in matches for FC Dallas.

“I think David’s fitness level is really good because he’s worked so hard on it. I think what it is now is building the confidence, building the touch and then getting his teammates to work with him a little as well,” head coach Schellas Hyndman said.

Mental discipline

Coach Hyndman said he’s reconsidering his approach to handling red cards after Saturday’s match at Houston. FC Dallas had to play nearly 30 minutes down a man in the second half due to a red card.

Hyndman said previously he’s talked and counseled players sent off and also gone over video after the fact. A tougher approach is possible.

“Maybe what we do now is take them away from the team. Maybe you’re not going to play until we can now trust you to control your emotion,” Hyndman said.

The coach also blamed himself for part of the problem.

“I think I probably should have been a little bit more disciplinary oriented,” said Hyndman. “When we continue to put players off the field, that’s everything I go against in life. I’m very discipline oriented, I don’t like that. So I blame myself for not having a better grip on that.”