Schellas training

Fitness a focus for FC Dallas during June training sessions

FRISCO, Texas — FC Dallas has two weeks to fully train before its next game.

It’s time that will be put to good use according to coach Schellas Hyndman.

“We just had so many games in a very short span of time that the area where we’ve suffered a bit is our fitness,” Hyndman said.

The coach has three areas he wants to focus on: improving fitness, work with players on their on-field roles & responsibilities for their respective positions and recovery for banged up & injured players.

The best way to work on those goals is to work with smaller groups, said Hyndman. So the coach is working with ten players during training and assistant coach John Ellinger is working with another group of ten players.

“We can keep a closer eye on players and demand a little bit more from players,” Hyndman said.

One change this week at training has become an annual occurrence for the team during the summer – earlier start time for practice sessions.

The usual 10 a.m. start was moved up to 9 a.m. on Monday and will remain that way throughout the summer.

Daily training in the heat of the day isn’t productive said Hyndman.

“There will be injuries, there’s going to be mental fatigue, lack of concentration and maybe not just getting a lot out of our training,” Hyndman said, detailing past issues.

The coach said he’s liked what he’s seen so far this week from his team during the training sessions.

FC Dallas will train daily through Friday, then have the weekend off before preparations begin for the Texas Derby at Houston (4 p.m. CT on ESPN 2).

Hyndman also believes it was important for the players to get away from everything and have some time off. FC Dallas didn’t have any training sessions last week after getting bounced in the third round of the U.S. Open Cup.

“I think for them it was both a physical relief and a mental relief,” Hyndman said. “A lot of people recognize that you’re playing three games in a week. But they might not recognize is there’s more traveling, there’s more physical play, there’s more injuries and trying to recover from those injuries.”