Haley Berg at U14 National Camp Blog

Day 1

Arrival and 3v3 tournament: "We won the 3v3 tournament and I scored the most on our team. I am playing well and getting some praise from the coaches. Tonight we have 6v6 which I'm excited about"

6v6 games: "OMG I did amazing and scored a like a billion. It was a 6v6 tournament and my team was in the finals and I scored the winning goal! I was doing awesome and making some excellent passes. Jill Ellis shook my hand and asked me what my name was and I said 'Haley'. This one time I split two girls! It was awesome"

Day 2

   "Bloody shinguard from getting cleated and got elbowed in the head. I dug deep and it doesn't hurt anymore, I thought I did really well! I did this one pass and Jill said 'brilliant'. Some of the girls here have already been to a camp in Portland and have already met Jill and stuff"

 Day 3

Lots of great exercises and drills. I feeling like I'm working my tail off. I'm a little frustrated as there is not much chemistry since I don't know many of the girls. I didn't get the ball as much as I wanted to today. When I had it, I made some good passes and created some good things on offense. I feel as I deserve this and want to stand out. Gonna have to BLOW IT UP. 6 training sessions left!

Day 4

I was horrible today...just kidding, I felt like I was in the zone. I had really nice shots today, some going in and some not. I made some great passes, split some defenders, bent them around opponents, and had some assists. I also had the assist on the goal to win the 4v4 championship. Was a great day!