FC Dallas 96 Girls Premier win LHGCL D1 Championship

FC Dallas 96G Premier team had a very successful 2011-12 Season. The girls payed with a distinct style of play that is different than most youth soccer teams in this region. With Coach Jessie Diaz at the helm, this team played with style and class. All year long the girls played good possession soccer and commitment that could only be known as the FCD Way! The 96 Girls Premier competed in Lake Highland Division 1, Region III Premier League, Dallas International Cup and Five National Showcases.

Midway through the Season, the 96G Premier were sitting in 5th place but in the second half of the season they inched their way to the top by knocking off #1 Sting, #2 Solar and they successfully finished off the season by beating their crosstown rivals Dallas Texans 1-0 to claim to be grand champions of Lake Highlands Division 1. The solid defense and greedy goalkeepers only allowed 1 goal all second half of the season. The midfield and forwards proved to be a force to be reckoned with; they provided 7 Goals to put the exclamation point on the season.

Our congratulations go out to the ‘96G Premier and Coach Jessie Diaz for their hard work and dedication to the sport and for representing the FCD Way.