Warshaw NE

Warshaw's role continues to grow

FRISCO, Texas — When the whistle blew to signify the start of the second half on Saturday, Bobby Warshaw was calm and ready. The FC Dallas midfielder was thrust into action after Andrew Jacobson and Hernan Pertuz were injured just before half time, but Warshaw kept his composure even with his side trailing 1-0.

"It was a quick turnaround so there wasn't much instruction. As always, they want to keep these guys healthy so they can keep going." Warshaw told MLSsoccer.com. "It's the same thing as always, stay in the middle and lock down that middle defensively. Don't wander and keep the ball moving."



That's exactly what Warshaw did as he helped guide FC Dallas to a 2-1 comeback victory over Montreal. Warshaw explained that the team couldn't have pulled off yet another thrilling home win without striker Blas Pérez, who scored the equalizer in the 77th minute and gave the team that extra boost needed to come away on top.

"He makes my job much easier. I'll do 95 percent of the work, and somebody else just has to score," Warshaw said. "If he scores and he creates goals, then I'll run 20 miles a game. I'll get kicked 15 times. It means we only have to worry about our role, and he's going to figure out how to win a game for us."

The second-year player out of Stanford has looked up to Pérez as a mentor this season and admires his work ethic both on and off the field. With appearances in four games so far this campaign, Warshaw is creating chemistry on the field to add to the strong relationship the two have off the field.

"With Blas, it starts off the field," Warshaw said. "Blas is the one that's always in there doing extra mobility. He's always in there doing work after practice. He's always pushing guys training. He's really a voice for younger players and teaching them how to be professionals, guys like myself. For Blas, it doesn't start in the game, it starts before, during, and after practice."

With Pérez continuing to show him the ropes, Warshaw hopes he can show the coaches he's ready for even more minutes with injuries potentially opening up a spot for the youngster to impress.

"The question is did I go out and give my best and did I go out there and focus, and to me, the answers are yes," Warshaw said. "I hope that the coaches are noticing and have more faith in me."