Red Shamrock

Know Your FCD Supporters: Red Shamrock

This is the third of a four-part series highlighting FC Dallas’ Supporters Groups. They will appear on each Wednesday in February.

Fiery and passionate are two words that could describe new supporters group Red Shamrock - An FC Dallas Supporters Union.

But perhaps the most accurate would be positivity.

This attitude comes from founder Wayne McMullen who coined their signature phrase, “ Sing loud, Sing proud.”

But before “Sing loud, Sing proud,” came along, Red Shamrock was merely a Facebook account.

“The original idea was to approach members from every supporters group who were so incredibly positive, passionate and pro-active for the team that their love of FCD could not be questioned,” McMullen said. “They would then
be presented with a small red shamrock as a token of thanks for being a true fan of FC Dallas.”

McMullen passed out the red shamrocks at games toward the end of the 2011 season.

Friends approached McMullen during the off-season with the idea to take the red shamrocks to a new level. After some thought they decided to form a supporters group.

Red Shamrock was officially founded at a meeting on January 7, 2012.

The group will sit in Section 101 – conveniently located right by the player's tunnel to the field – and have high aspirations for spreading positive vibes and making their presence felt.

“What we hope to become a tradition is the welcome we will bring to people in Section 101,” McMullen said. “We are fired up about passing onto all visitors of Section 101 just how much fun it can be to be an active fan of FCD.”

With “101” commonly corresponding with an entry level college class, McMullen and company want to also teach, but in this instance, instruct fans on how to take in a soccer game.

“We believe the passion of a fan is measured by how loud and sustained the cheer is, not by the words in the cheer,” McMullen said. “We challenge our members to be passionate and original in their support of FC Dallas.”

The group’s size currently sits at 20 to which McMullen says, “20 people with very loud voices, which is like 50 regular fans!”

However, they have their sights set on doubling or even tripling their numbers by the end of the season.

While their size will undoubtedly increase over the duration of the season, Red Shamrock will also leave no doubt in their passion and love for the club.

“The 90-plus minutes of singing and chanting is beyond exhilarating and the respect we have for the guys on the field who give 110 percent whether it is snowing or 110 degrees drives us to support them through good times and bad,” said McMullen. “They never give up, and we don't either. We both battle for 90-plus minutes and that is what unites us.”

With the season just around the corner, Red Shamrock are looking for people to join them in Section 101 and display a love for the club through singing and chanting in a positive manner.

For more information on Red Shamrock visit or email them at They can also be found on Facebook at or on Twitter at @RedShamrockFCD