Preseason Training Report: 2/3

Preseason Day 18: Friday, February 3

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

On his focus in training this morning

The players that did not play last night had a 40-minute workout on the beach, which is always difficult, running on the sand. It puts a strain on different parts of your leg. So what we wanted to do today was start with a little possession game with those players. The half of the team that played last night was in recovery.

We did three different exercises, the first two were possession based and then we finished up with a little fitness at the end realizing that we have a game again tomorrow against Atlante’s Under-23 squad.

On Hernan Pertuz’s first session with FC Dallas

He looks like he fits right in with us. Understand that it was just a possession game, not a structural game and he was not playing in his position. What we basically saw was a guy that looks pretty tired from a long flight. He’s got a good soccer sense, good technique, so we’re just looking forward to seeing what he can do in a game.

On the team as a whole so far in preseason 

Everybody’s working hard. Players are working hard for each other. We know we’re not the only team that’s working hard in preseason. We need to come out of it as strong as possible and so far I’ve been getting everyone’s best. The new guys that I am most curious or interested about – Carlos Rodriguez had a good game last night and will fit in with us. Blas Perez is showing more and more comfort in training. He is starting to demand things of himself and his teammates. He is holding people to higher standards and that’s good to see.

On tomorrow’s game against Atlante U-23’s

They’re going to be a great team. These are the guys that dress for the first team but don’t get enough chances to play. It is a chance for them to see some action against an MLS opponent. I expect to see a lot out of them.

On his lineup for tomorrow’s game

There will be more first team players out there for us tomorrow. We’re telling the reserves that they will get a chance to play, but for the most part it is designed as a chance to improve our first team. That’s why a lot of the trialists and reserves played last night.