Women's Professional Soccer suspends operations

Sad news for our friends at Women's Professional Soccer. The WPS announced today it's suspending operations for 2012.

The news comes just days after the U.S. Women's National Team earned a spot in the 2012 London Olympics.

We're also less than two weeks away from the USWNT making an appearance at FC Dallas Stadium against New Zealand on Sat. Feb. 11 at 3 p.m.

Here's some details from MLSSoccer.com:

WPS issued a statement on Monday afternoon announcing that the league’s board of governors voted to suspend operations in 2012 “to permit the league to focus on the resolution of certain pending legal issues and the challenges that now face the league as a result of its ongoing dispute with a former owner.”

Although not mentioned by name in the press release, that former owner is magicJack’s Dan Borislow, who has been engaged in a legal battle with WPS after the league terminated his Florida-based franchise last year in the midst of a publicly contentious relationship.

Earlier this month, a judge ruled in favor of Borislow in stating that WPS did not follow procedure in eliminating the club. The court case is ongoing with further hearings set to be held.

"We have diverted so many resources into litigation,'' WPS CEO Jennifer O’Sullivan told The Associated Press. "This is something that needs to be resolved before we can move forward with play.''