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Hartman saves FC Dallas with last-second heroics

Like so many times throughout his storied MLS career, FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman saved the day once again on Saturday.

This time Hartman’s moment came at RFK stadium against DC United, helping preserve a valuable scoreless draw on the road for FCD.

With the match nearing fulltime, D.C. United forward Josh Wolff sent a fleeting line drive of a cross across the mouth of the goal to midfielder Fred. With a wide open net, Fred one-timed the cross with his head only to have Hartman dive to his right and swat the shot attempt away.

WATCH: Hartman denies Fred up close

“That was a huge save. That was outstanding. That’s the Kevin Hartman that we all know and remember from last year,” FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman told FCDallas.com. “I think it was the best scoring chance of the game and he saved us.”

Hartman provided a different angle on the play that preserved the scoreless draw.

“It was one of those things that kind of happened pretty quickly,” he said. “When Josh [Wolff] crossed the ball I honestly thought I was going to turn and there was going to be nobody there because it happened so quickly.  Fortunately I was able to spread myself and Fred hit it somewhere that I was able to turn it aside.”

Leading up to the game Hyndman reminded his players of DC United’s offensive tendencies, especially of the weak side ball that United like to play across the six-yard box.

“We had talked a couple times as a team that they were going to be knocking these balls across the goal and you just got to pay attention, and that one slipped across us,” said Hyndman. “We did very well defending everything in the air, but that one came across pretty fast and skipped through, and Kevin was outstanding with that save.”

The draw marked the 95th career regular-season shutout in Hartman’s 15th career, an MLS record. It was also his 11th since he joined FC Dallas before the 2010 season.

“I really feel that (goalkeeping coach) Drew Keeshan has been really a huge emphasis in terms of some of the success that I’ve had,” Hartman said. “I really try to demand a lot out of myself and I think that really that expectation kind of pushes me more on a day-to-day basis than anything else.”

In a game that saw few offensive opportunities for both sides, Hartman looked at the positive angle.

“I think that we are a team right now that is trying to build ourselves for the long haul,” he said. “We are excited to try to take some of this back home and try to get some results next week.”