FC Dallas 99 Boys Central clinch a spot in Classic League Division I

Congratulations to the FC Dallas Youth 99 Boys Central players, coach Francisco Arias, coach Jorge “Zarco” Rodriguez and parents, as the team clinched a spot to move up and play in Division 1 of the Classic League for 2011-12 soccer year. 

After a very exciting U-11 qualifying game two years ago where qualification was decided in penalty kicks in the last game of the year,  the team has continuously improved. They achieved second place among the 20 D2/D3 teams in 2009-10, and now second place in D2 in 2010-11 - just one point behind the first place team -  which allows the team to move up to play  in D1 next year. 

In the last game of the current season, FCDY 99B Central defeated Andromeda Navy - the number one D2 team - by a score of 3-0.   Another FC Dallas Youth Team, the FCDY South also played an excellent game and tied 1-1 against Dallas Texans Red - also on their last game of the season.  This combination of factors sends our FC Dallas 99B Central team to Division 1, because they never gave up and played excellent soccer up to the final second of the last game.