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Final Entry - March 25

Hola a todos,

Les escribe Victor Ulloa regresando de mi viaje con las fuerzas basicas del FC Dallas en su viaje por España. El viaje a Madrid fue una experiencia inolvidable. Estoy muy agradecido con dios y con el FC Dallas por darme la oportunidad de ir a Madrid.

Estuvimos una semana ahí donde jugamos 4 muy buenos partidos contra equipos Españoles. De los 4 partidos, ganamos 2, empatamos 1 y perdimos 1. El primer partido jugamos contra Rayo Vallecano y se ganó 2-0. El segundo partido se ganó 3-0 de un. El tercer partido se empato 0-0 con el Majadahonda y el último partido se perdió 2-1 con el Real Madrid.

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A partir de los resultados el equipo jugó muy bien y enseño que puede jugar contra cualquier equipo. Aparte de jugar 4 partidos tuvimos el privilegio de ir a ver al Real Madrid jugar 2 partidos. Un partido de la Champions y el Clásico contra el Atletico Madrid, fue una cosa increíble de ver.

No puedo creer que solo hace unos días estuvimos en el Santiago Bernabéu y el Vicente Calderon. La experiencia que sacamos de este viaje es algo que nunca voy a olvidar. Madrid es una ciudad muy bella con una historia de futbol increíble. Le recomiendo a cualquiera que vaya a conocer y a visitar esta ciudad.

Acompáñenos mañana para el partido en contra de San Jose Earthquakes en el Estadio Pizza Hut Park a la 8:00 p.m.


Day Seven - March 22

Hey everybody,

This is Mikey Ambrose, defender for the FC Dallas U-18s. Today was a great day. We woke up, had breakfast, went on a walk and stretch to loosen up for the game, and got prepared to play against Real Madrid. I was pumped to play this game and compete at the highest level because I knew that our team was strong enough for this match.

We arrived at Real Madrid’s complex and it was amazing; a very professional atmosphere. I knew what to expect though, because I had been there before with the National Team. Still, it was just as beautiful as the last time I was there.

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The game started and Real Madrid came out playing strong. I don’t think we got our first touch on the ball until about the third minute. Once we were able to get some possession though, we settled in and fought hard and Jon Top scored an awesome goal. We went into halftime winning 1-0 against Real Madrid.

We played well in the second half, but we gave up two goals off set pieces. The goals were kind of disappointing because against a team like Real Madrid, if you have to lose you want it to be by them breaking through with an amazing play, not set pieces. But it still wasn’t a bad result.

The game ended 2-1 and I think we played very well. Defensively, they never broke us down and we had some good moments on offense. Overall, we fought hard and represented FC Dallas very well.

Our biggest lesson from today is the speed of play. We need to take fewer touches on the ball and play quicker. But I think we’re always improving and it showed today. We could’ve beaten Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world.


Day Six - March 21

What’s up guys,

This is Eduardo “Pollo” Cortes, goalkeeper for the FC Dallas U-18s. We had a 0-0 draw today against Atletico Majadahonda, and from my perspective, the team wasn’t focused enough on the objective of winning the game. We started the game flat and it took us a while to adjust to the other team’s intensity. The other team was very good, but we just weren’t connecting passes on the field.

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On the other hand, we had our share of chances on the pitch, but were never able to finish. Our defense was very solid, and has been this whole trip. We still haven’t been scored on since coming to Spain. Throughout the game we had small miscues on every part of the pitch, which made it hard to put together an offensive possession.

We didn’t get the result we wanted, but at least our defense was solid in the back. Afterwards we struggled mentally, because we came out of the game knowing we could have done much better. We still have that bad taste in our mouths, but I think that’s a good thing because it can help motivate us to shine and redeem ourselves in the next game. I think our performance in this game will make us play harder and better tomorrow against Real Madrid.


Day Five - March 20

Hey guys,

My name is Nick Rochowski and I’m a defender for the FC Dallas U-18s. Today we had a great training early in the morning, working on crossing and finishing for our upcoming game on Monday against Atletico Madrid. After the morning session we had a quick lunch and hopped on the bus to go to the Bernabeu for a tour of the stadium.

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It was amazing! We were able to go out onto the pitch and even sit on the benches. We also went through multiple trophy rooms and got to see pictures and read about some of the legends who have played for Real Madrid. We finished the tour in the “Tienda Bernabeu” which was Real Madrid’s superstore. It was a massive three stories, and had every piece of Real Madrid merchandise you could dream of.

We were then taken on a bus tour of the city of Madrid. The architecture behind every building was incredible. After the sightseeing we were allowed to walk around and do some more shopping. At 6:30 p.m. we packed back into the bus and headed back to the hotel to eat and catch some rest for the game on Monday, which is what I need to do now.


Day Four - March 19


Skylar Hagan here, writing for the FC Dallas U-18's from Spain. We had a game today, and I thought overall we played well in it. In the first half we weren't playing very well as a team, so it was hard to concentrate and play. But in the second half we picked it up and started playing as a team and we were all starting to have some fun. We ended up winning 3-0.

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After our game, we got to go to the Madrid Derby. The game that we watched between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid was very exciting! I thought it was a great game, even though Atletico wasn't playing to the best of their abilities. Atletico dropped the end result, but I felt like they picked up their game as the match went along. Well, now it's off to bed for a recovery session and some sight-seeing in Madrid tomorrow.


Day Three - March 18

Hi everybody,

Jose Gamino here, loving my time in Spain so far. This morning both teams woke up to a morning training session focused on recovery. It was a nice, light session, and it's been great being able to train at Ciudad de Futbol. After training, we headed down to the city of Toledo.

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While we were in Toledo we had free time to explore. The scenery was beautiful and I got a lot of cool souvenirs. I also went to the city's Cathedral with Jon Top. It was amazing, and definitely the biggest cathedral I've ever seen. It also had lots of gold sculptures and gorgeous old paintings.

Overall, we had an awesome day, and we're all loving this experience. Tomorrow we have more games and we get to go to the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid game. It should be an awesome match.


Day Two — March 17

Hey guys,

This is Jonathan Top, writing after day two in Madrid. We woke up today for a 9 o’clock breakfast and after that we went for a team walk and stretch around the hotel. Around noon we went to a shopping center and bought snacks to help get us through the trip.

It felt like forever ‘till we had our pregame meal at 4:00 and team meeting at 5:30. We finally got on the bus at 6:00 and drove to our highly anticipated first game versus Rayo Vallecano at their complex.

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We had our warm-up just before the sun went down and as soon as the lights came on I got chills up my spine. I was a bit nervous for our first match. The first half kicked off and about seven minutes into the game I scored a goal with an assist from Bryan Leyva, thank God.

The second half kicked off and Danny Garcia scored a second goal for us with about 15 minutes left in the game. The team played really well today, and thank God we got the 2-0 result against a really good Rayo side. Now we’re back at the hotel and ready to rest up for practice and a trip to Toledo tomorrow.



Day One — March 16


This is Jack Coleman, captain of the FCD U-18 Academy team. It’s been a crazy trip so far, but it’s already been amazing. This morning we arrived in Madrid after flying all night. Both teams were thrilled to finally arrive. We’ve all been anticipating this trip for a long time now!

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Today we had a light training session at the Spanish National Team training facility, Ciudad de Futbol. It gave everyone a chance to shake off the heavy legs from the flight. Then we got to see a Champions League match at the Estadio Bernabeu between Real Madrid and Olympique Lyon. It was great! Real won 3-0, and although everyone was worn out from a long couple of days, it was a really fun way to get the trip going. We can’t wait to get on the field, starting tomorrow night against Rayo Vallecano.


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