Fabian Castillo

Q&A: FCD's Colombian youngster, Fabián Castillo

Last week FC Dallas announced the signing of 18-year-old Colombian striker Fabián Castillo to bolster their attacking corps. Raised in Colombian giants Deportivo Cali's system and a part of Colombia’s U-20 national team, his talent is undeniable.

FCDallas.com recently spoke with Castillo over the phone as he prepares to make the trip from Colombia to the United States and join FC Dallas for their 2011 season.

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FCDallas.com: How do you feel ahead of your first year in MLS with FC Dallas?

Castillo: I’m really happy. It’s a bit strange. I’m a little nervous but excited about being a foreign player over there. The truth is that I’m happy and thankful for the opportunity.

FCDallas.com: What do you know about MLS?

Castillo: Not much. Only that it’s a competitive league, it’s not just a bunch of little teams. It’s good competition. And little by little it’s becoming so important worldwide.

FCDallas.com: What are your goals in MLS?

Castillo: First, my goal is to do good things and to play well with the team. I want to improve this team. I would like to score a lot of goals and better my play within the system of this club, and slowly but surely become a better player.

FCDallas.com: There are many Colombians at FC Dallas in Jair Benitez, Milton Rodriguez and David Ferreira. Did you already know them?

Castillo: Well, I only know Jair and Milton, but David I do not know. I don’t have a friendship with them but they are very happy, and if I get to know them I know I will like them. I am sure we are going to have a wonderful time.

FCDallas.com: Fredy Montero was playing with Deportivo Cali before going to the Seattle Sounders. Have you talked with him about his experience in MLS?

Castillo: With Fredy, we have been friends since we were very small, but I haven’t been able to talk with him since he left; I haven’t been able to make contact with him. I hope once I get over there, I would love to talk with him and ask him about his time there, how it has been and have a conversation with him.

FCDallas.com: Did you ever think you'd come to the United States to play soccer?

Castillo: Yes, for me it’s a dream. I think that the football in the United States is making an important move. They have added some big names and it’s a league that has a strong standing across all other leagues. So yes, for me it is a complete dream realized to get to go do good things over there.

FCDallas.com: Do you have a friendship with Óscar Pareja and Schellas Hyndman?

Castillo: Well, with the executive, Pareja, I’ve only met him once. The coach, I don’t know him very well, but once I am there and can meet more with him I will get to know him and hopefully he can help my game.

FCDallas.com: When are you coming here?

Castillo: I don’t know. I am waiting to hear word on when I need to be there so I can work on my visa and have it so that I can get there smoothly.

FCDallas.com: Do you have family coming with you?

Castillo: I decided to come alone for the first month, organize everything once I am here, and then see if I can bring my mom and my grandmother.