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Richard Sanchez Q & A

Richard Sanchez is the newest Development Academy player to sign a Home Grown contract with FC Dallas.  The 16-year-old goalkeeper recently returned to Frisco from training with the Mexican U-17 National Team for this summer's U-17 World Cup in Mexico. caught up with the busy young 'keeper to get his thoughts on his national team training and signing with FC Dallas. 

READ: Sanchez signs with FC Dallas Tell me about the time you just spent with the Mexican U-17 National Team.

Sanchez: I just got back today from Mexico.  I was in camp with the Mexican U-17 National Team and we were out in Guadalajara for a week and then another week in Monterrey.  These were camps to prepare ourselves for the U-17 World Cup in Mexico, so that’s exciting. Do you think you’ll be able to earn the starting position?

Sanchez: I’m hoping so.  I’m working towards that starting position.  We’ll see what the future holds and what the coach decides. What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be signed by FC Dallas?

Sanchez: It was a feeling that I can’t really explain.  I’ve been wanting this ever since I was a little kid, really ever since I started kicking a ball.  It’s a dream come true and I always thank God for taking me wherever I go, for having me wake up every morning, and just having this offer to sign with FC Dallas is a real blessing. How did your parents react to the news?

Sanchez: They were very proud of me and happy, you know how parents are. You’re only 16 years old, did you think you would have to work your way up through the FC Dallas U-18s before you would get the chance to be signed by the first team?

Sanchez: I knew that in order for me to make the pro team I would have to work really hard and make a name for myself.  So of course I knew I had to go through the Academy teams to prove that I’m capable of playing at a high level. Goalkeeper is a position that comes with a lot of personal accountability, do you think you’re ready for that responsibility at a professional level?

Sanchez: It’ll be something new for me, something I’m going to have to get used to.  I can only ask Kevin Hartman and a couple of other goalkeepers here what their experiences have been and just try to learn from them really.  I know it’s going to be a big responsibility, a huge responsibility, so I’m just going to have to practice as hard as I can and see how it works out for me. You mentioned Kevin Hartman, what’s it going to be like for you to be able to work with a goalkeeper of that caliber?

Sanchez: Ever since I was a little kid actually, I admired the way he played when he was with the Galaxy.  To be able to train with him is a real blessing and a really amazing opportunity for me to just learn as much as I can from him. What does the opportunity to represent your hometown at this level mean to you?

Sanchez: It means a lot to me.  It’s the first time that I signed a professional contract so it’s something that I’m really looking forward to, to be able to represent Dallas. 

READ: Sanchez signs with FC Dallas