Michael Ambrose is one of 3 FCD Academy players on the US U-18 squad
Courtesy Michael Ambrose

Blog: FCD Academy players blog from Israel tourney

Twenty players from the United States' U-18 squad are in Tel Aviv, Israel, to play in a three-match tournament this week. Three of those players – the most from any single club – are from the FC Dallas Academy. Jonathon Top, Michael Ambrose and Boyd Okwuonu were all selected to the US side and will battle Germany on Dec. 13, France on Dec. 14 and Israel on Dec. 16.

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FCDallas.com asked the young FCD players to send us periodic blogs using their Facebook accounts from overseas. Our first entry comes from Ambrose, a talented left-footed defender who has been part of the US Soccer Residency Program in Florida.

Monday: December 13, 2010

Hey FC Dallas fans! Michael Ambrose here, writing to you from Tel Aviv.

The trip is going pretty good so far – we’ve had four training sessions and they all went well. We’ve been really focused on functional work along with some technique. The hotel we’re staying in is pretty nice and the food is good, and we’ve gotten to do some pretty neat sightseeing in our free time.

The weather here has been warm and in the mid-70s, that is until today. Our game against Germany was cancelled because the weather was really bad – they couldn’t even land the team’s plane until late this afternoon! The game has been rescheduled for Friday, so instead our first opponent will be France on Tuesday. The lineup hasn’t been posted yet, but I’m looking forward to the chance to get out on the field.

I’ll keep all of you guys back at home posted on our result against France – hopefully all of us FC Dallas Academy guys will see the field and get a chance to make an impact. We’re definitely ready to get out there!

Talk to you soon,