Andrew Wiedeman has been reporting from Spain during the Generation adidas trip.
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Andrew Wiedeman is one of three FC Dallas players (Brek Shea and Peri Marosevic are the others) in Spain with FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman and the rest of the Generation adidas squad.  Andrew will be checking in with throughout his time in Spain to keep all of you FC Dallas fans up to date on how the trip is going.

UPDATE #3 (Final update from Spain)

What’s good señoras y señores?

It’s Andrew Wiedeman reporting live from Spain for the very last time. It’s been a fun ride, and I will forever cherish what we’ve had. With that being said, let’s do the dang thang.

Tuesday, Dec. 7th

We woke up, had a solid pre-game meal and then kicked off against Rayo Vallecano reserves at 11 in the AM. Unfortunately earlier that morning at about 9 in the AM, a torrential monsoon decided to pass through the complex we were playing at, so the pitch looked more like a swamp than anything else. It was tough to actually connect passes, so both teams resorted to just knocking long balls.

The game ultimately came down to who wanted it more, and as the will and mental courage of this GA team is limitless, we came away with the 1-0 win behind a goal from none other than your very own Perica Marosevic.

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After that we had  lunch in the Spanish National Team’s residential cafeteria and then had free time the rest of the afternoon.  Most people spent it dining at McDonald’s and playing Nintendo.

Just kidding!

Most guys ate at some of the local cafes and restaurants, watched Champions League and called it a night, as we had another early game the next morning.

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Wednesday, Dec. 8th

Today we had an early morning kick-off against the Atletico Madrid reserve team. The pitch was a lot better today and the rain held off until the second half and, as a result, we joga-ed. The guys put in a great performance playing some beautiful football, and we were able to pull out the 4-1 victory behind an own goal, a goal from New York’s Juan Agudelo, and a Teal Bunbury brace (Kansas City). Atletico’s goal came from the penalty spot. I respect the referee’s decision because he is the man in charge and is professional and therefore impartial (it was a clean tackle).

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Right now we have some downtime and then tonight we’re heading to the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Auxerre at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. After that it might be sleep for some while it could be culture soaking for others. Only time will tell. After that we part ways with the beautiful city known as Madrid, or as the locals call it...Madrid. Its been a blast and I know everyone, much like myself, considers themselves super blessed to have been given this opportunity.

Oh, and Brek was really upset that he didn’t get to share his input on the last blog, so here he is with some advice to children all over….

Brek: Stay in skool!!!!!!

Right on! Thanks to Brek for his help and to all of you for checking in and being so supportive of the club. Happy Holidays and go Dallas!

Andrew Wiedeman #23


Hola Dallas!

How are you? I’m doing well, thanks for asking. Sorry for the delay on the blogging. The last few days have been pretty crazy, but now I have some downtime so let’s get everyone up to speed.

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Thursday, Dec. 2nd

Today we played the Real Madrid reserves. Generation adidas put in a solid performance and pulled out the 2-1 win behind goals from Kansas City’s Teal Bunbury and Columbus’ Dilly Duka.

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Friday, Dec. 3rd

The day started off with a light recovery training at Ciudad de futbol (futbol has an accent but I have no idea how to get that character onto the document, so I apologize for the grammatical error and any other ones that might occur within this blog or any future blogs).

After training we took a tour of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Its capacity of over 90,000 makes it just a little bit bigger than Pizza Hut Park, although I’d take our fans over theirs any day. The stadium is pretty unreal though. There are heaters throughout the park and they roll in gigantic UV lamps to keep the pitch healthy.

After the tour we had a team dinner out at a restaurant (I had steak in case anyone was wondering). After dinner we went to a Flamenco dance show to soak in some culture. They truly know how to cut a rug! One of the dancers had shoulder length hair which absorbed all of his sweat. Every time he would spin, the sweat would fly off his hair and douse the unfortunate few who were in the front row.

Saturday, Dec. 4th

After a quick breakfast we headed off to practice where we played possession and then a game to goals. After practice, everyone showered and then we hopped on the bus for an hour ride to Toledo, the former capital of Spain. The city is gorgeous!

We had a few hours to just head off on our own and explore the city. The focal point of the city is a gigantic cathedral that towers over all the other buildings. It is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture I have ever seen. I can’t even describe how beautiful this church is.

After visiting Toledo we came back to the hotel, where most people power-napped in preparation for the Real Madrid vs. Valencia game, which we attended that night. Madrid pulled out the 2-0 win behind a Cristiano Ronaldo brace. After the game we got back to the hotel around 1 in the morning. Upon our arrival some guys went to sleep, and some went out to learn more about the Spanish culture.

Being the academic person that I am, I partook in the latter.

Sunday Dec. 5th

Today we had the day off to do as we pleased. Most of the guys just wandered the streets of Madrid, going to various shops and restaurants.

Sunday, Dec. 5th -- 1:05 PM CT

I wrote this blog.

The trip has really been a blast thus far and has absolutely flown by. Tomorrow we have training and then back-to-back games Tuesday and Wednesday, and then it’s back to the states on Thursday. I’ll send updates in the next couple of days and let you guys know how the games go. Thanks for checking in.

Go Dallas!
Andrew Wiedeman #23


Monday, Nov. 29th / Tuesday, Nov. 30th

We had a light training session led by Coach Schellas. Everyone was just trying to get the rust off from the long flight. We started out with a possession drill and then moved on to a game to goals. The atmosphere was pretty laid back and everyone was having a good time.

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Everyone was fairly exhausted the rest of the day, but we had to stay awake so we could adjust to the time change. When night time came around everyone was pretty excited to head off to bed (I personally logged an impressive 13 hours of sleep).
Wednesday, Dec. 1st

We had an optional breakfast at 9:30 a.m. I elected to skip this feast as I was in the middle of an epic slumber. After lunch we headed out to training at La Ciudad de Futbol which is home to the Spanish National Team. Again, for you non-Spanish speaking folks, that means “The City of Soccer.”

In training we started out with another possession drill and then worked on defensive shape in order to prepare for our game against the Real Madrid Reserves tomorrow. Should be a pretty awesome experience and hopefully we can put forth a quality showing.  

After practice we took a guided tour of Madrid, which was super interesting. We saw the Royal Palace and the Bernabeu amongst other things. I also learned about the Four Galacticos, which are the four towers that sit on the land sold by the Real Madrid owner in order to buy Beckham, Figo, Ronaldo, and Zidane. Each tower represents one of these players. People thought my education would cease since I left school early, but I guess they were wrong.
And now Brek Shea would like to say a word:
Okay, big thanks to Brek for his contribution. I’ll be checking in throughout the week with more updates of our trip so be sure to check out the website.
Go Dallas!
Andrew Wiedeman #23