FC Dallas Training Report: 10/29

FC Dallas took the Stadium Field at Pizza Hut Park this morning for one final practice before tomorrow’s 4 p.m. CT showdown with Real Salt Lake. The team’s mood was noticeably light. The usual pre-practice game of keep-away spilled over to an all-inclusive session of FC Dallas’ favorite mini game.

Keep-away – FC Dallas Style
Typically played in a five-by-five circle by a small contingent of the squad, the main purpose of the game is to embarrass your teammates. The actual rules of the game are unimportant. Here they are anyway: string together as many passes as possible while avoiding the defenders. Players on the outside of the circle become defenders when they turn the ball over, or if they are last to touch the ball before it leaves the confines of the circle.

The players’ weapon of choice in humiliating the defenders is the nutmeg. The more valiant players do so by firing knee-high rocket passes across the circle. Unsuspecting recipients of those passes typically find themselves in the middle of the circle defending. Others find themselves on their back laughing, or writhing in pain.

A Typical Friday
Following a short talk which appeared to circle around the message “tomorrow is the beginning of a whole new season,” Hyndman went into his normal day-before-a-game ritual of a light scrimmage followed by set pieces. Hyndman’s starting lineup looked strong, creating numerous scoring opportunities on the north goal.

Hyndman on FC Dallas heading into tomorrow’s match
The team’s attitude is very high. We’re not as healthy as we would like to be, but we’re excited to be at home against a very good team.