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Barry Gorman

Eye in the Sky: Sept. 29

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Friday September 24, 2010

Another weekend and another road trip for the team. This time it is Kansas City and a date with the Wizards.  No easy trip as the team leaves behind 5 starters and gets set to face an opponent on a good run at present. Once again our American Airlines flight is uneventful and dare I say it, we haven’t lost a bag yet.

In the evening Coach Hyndman and I met with Joe Cummings, the Executive Director of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. The NSCAA has over 30,000 members, and Schellas and I have the distinction of being past Presidents of this illustrious organization. However, this is not an idle chat over dinner. FC Dallas is looking to establish long term relationships with organizations like the NSCAA.

Saturday September 25, 2010

Another early morning start as Coach Hyndman and I meet with Jeff Tipping, the Director of Coaching Education for the NSCAA for breakfast.  The purpose of this meeting is to explore ways in which we can expose what FC Dallas has to offer that may assist coaches understand what MLS is all about and how we can best develop the American player. Coaching Education is always an ongoing process and we do what we can to help. So while the guys rest up for the big game some of us are working.

What a game vs. Kansas City. The result not withstanding the team played extremely well in spite of missing 5 starters. It was a true example of how this squad has pulled together and they exemplify a never-say-die attitude. To go on the road and win so convincingly is encouraging as we face the final stretch of the regular season. Congratulations to Eddie Edward who made his MLS regular season debut against KC. If you don’t know Eddie he is one classy, nice individual and it was pleasing to see him get some playing time.

Sunday September 26, 2010

As you can imagine, early morning departures are easier to stomach when you win. The mood of the team reflects a squad that is unbeaten in 17 games as they travel back to Dallas. Of course, when you win, everyone wants an autograph and picture with the players – even American Airlines employees.