Training Sept. 20
Jason Minnick

FC Dallas Training: 9/20

FC Dallas returned to the adidas Field this morning following two days of rest. The team now prepares to face the New England Revolution Wednesday at Pizza Hut Park (7:30 p.m. on FSSW Plus) and the Kansas City Wizards (7 p.m. on FSSW Plus) on Saturday in Kansas City.

Today’s training session began with FCD working through obstacles in a dribbling exercise. Afterwards, the team completed a few additional warm-up exercises before scrimmaging on a shortened field.

Luna scores multiple goals
In a fast-paced turn of events in front of net, David Ferreira and Kyle Davies blocked shots for their yellow scrimmage squad, only to have the ball dribble right to the feet of Ruben Luna. Luna, a well-known finisher, calmly slid the ball to the near post for the first goal of the morning. The pitch seemed to slant towards the yellow team's goal for the remaining minutes of the drill. Luna scored two more goals in a matter of seconds before Atiba Harris drilled a shot high into the net to bring the drill to a close.

Finding the right replacements
Next, FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman pushed the goals back to 80 yards for another 11 versus 11 scrimmage. Hyndman let the squads play for several minutes before changing out personnel and testing key players at various positions.

Injury Report
Daniel Hernandez and Kevin Hartman rode stationary bikes for long stretches during training. Hernandez and Hartman eventually joined George John and Ugo Ihemelu on the sideline, where they were working with FC Dallas’ Head Athletic Trainer Josh Watts.

Hyndman on New England
"New England is a team that has had some bad breaks. They just played a tough match against Colorado and came right here to train, which is good for them because as a coach, if you have a tough game you want to get back out on the field as quickly as possible. Steve Nicol is a very good coach. He asks a lot of his players. For us, we are going out there with a few guys that have stepped in and shown their value."

Hyndman on injuries to Hernandez and Hartman
"Daniel has a pulled hamstring. He is feeling better but we don’t want to make things any worse by bringing him back early. I am glad we have a very capable and experienced goalkeeper in Dario Sala. I thought he played very well in the second half against New York."

Hyndman on FC Dallas at this point in the season
"We are a tough team to beat. We are in a good position, but we keep testing ourselves. Our two center backs have been out. Now we’re missing a center midfielder and a goalkeeper. We’re trying to fit in players and make the least amount of changes. I am very pleased with the play of Jackson and Zack Loyd, but we must make sure we do not slip on the slope. This game on Wednesday could be the game that puts us past the pressure."