Training Sept. 13
Jason Minnick

FC Dallas Training Report: 9/13

Following its 0-0 draw with San Jose on Saturday, FC Dallas returned to the adidas Field this morning in preparation for Thursday’s match against star-studded Red Bull New York (8 p.m. on FSSW Plus).

Three principals
The first team participated in a regeneration session conducted by Michael Johnson Performance’s Steward Carlisle. FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman broke the remaining players up into three groups for a game of five on five in a 30 x 30 yard area. Dax McCarty wore white and began the drill as the fifth player for one team. Eric Avila was the fifth for the second team. He wore red. Both McCarty and Avila served as target players and were limited to one touch on the ball per possession.

“There were three basic principals to the game we played today,” Hyndman said after practice. “Penetration – we wanted the players taking shots and getting forward as quickly as possible. Width – we wanted players to get out wide and isolate their defenders. Mobility – if the players weren’t moving off of the ball, the person with the ball was stuck with nowhere to go.”

Today’s team selections allowed three of FC Dallas’ four Home Grown players (Ruben Luna, Victor Ulloa and Moises Hernandez) the chance to play together against the rest of the squad.


Edson EdwardKyle DaviesRuben Luna
Jason YeisleyAndrew WiedemanVictor Ulloa
Peri MarosevicBryan LeyvaMoises Hernandez
Bruno GuardaMilton RodriguezMarvin Chavez

Midway through the drill Milton Rodriguez switched with Avila as the target player in red. Jason Yeisley switched with McCarty as the target player wearing white.

Forward Peri Marosevic had a great shot on goal. He brought the ball down with his chest before side-volleying a shot high to the far post. Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman reacted nicely to deny the would-be goal scorer. He sprung to his left and punched the ball back into the center of the training area.  

Another FC Dallas Home Grown player, Bryan Leyva, caught the opposing team with too many players in the attack. Working on the right flank, Leyva drew goalkeeper Dario Sala’s attention before slipping a pass inside to Rodriguez, who finished with a pass to the back post.

But the nicest play of the day belonged to the orange-clad youngsters. Working the right flank, Victor Ulloa measured a cross for a moment before sending a pass to the back post for Ruben Luna. The ball initially looked too long to Luna, but the former U.S. Soccer Development Academy Player of the Year backpedaled to the ball and nodded it back to the center of the box to a wide-open Jason Yeisley. Yeisley finished easily into the open net.

Injury Update
Ugo Ihemelu and George John worked out on the sideline with members of the FC Dallas training staff.

Hyndman on Dax McCarty’s progress
"He’s at a point where he is passing all our drills and tests that determine if he is fit to return. If a player of his caliber is available, it’s hard to keep him out of the lineup."

Hyndman on Kyle Davies returning to the lineup
"It has been a real difficult year for Kyle. He jumped in for Ugo, who had a hamstring issue for the first game of the season, and ended up fracturing his arm. Just getting back from a second injury, he hasn’t been given the opportunity to gain his confidence back. But being from the San Jose area, it was a perfect scenario for him to make the road trip and he ended up getting into the game. He did a good job for us when he got in there."

Hyndman on Red Bull New York
"Earlier in the season I feel we should have at least walked out of there with a draw. Now, with their financial commitment to the team, they have their eye on winning it all, but we’re at home. We’re playing well. They have to come in here and beat us."