FC Dallas Training Report: 9/9

FC Dallas returned to the adidas Field from 9:30-11 a.m. Central Time today in preparation of Saturday’s match in San Jose against the Earthquakes (7:30 p.m. on FSSW Plus).

Possession with mentality
FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman broke the team up into four teams for a warm-up drill in a 60-yard area. The white and orange teams shot at the south goal, patrolled by Kevin Hartman, while the blue and yellow teams shot on Dario Sala, who was in the north goal. Each team had an allotted amount of touches on the ball per position. This forced the players to be aware of what type of ball they played to their teammates.





Dax McCarty


Atiba Harris

Andrew Wiedeman

Daniel Hernandez

Ruben Luna

Heath Pearce

Bryan Leyva

Brek Shea

Kyle Davies

Eric Avila

Peri Marosevic

Jason Yeisley

Eric Alexander

Zach Loyd

Jair Benitez

Moises Hernandez

Marvin Chavez

Milton Rodriguez

Jeff Cunningham

Edson Edward

David Ferreira

Victor Ulloa

Bruno Guarda

Left midfielder Brek Shea had a goal and an assist in the drill. The goal came from a ball played over the top of the blue and yellow defenders. Shea ran the ball down and slipped a shot past Hartman on a breakaway. Several minutes later, Shea passed up a shooting opportunity from an awkward angle and delivered a sharp pass to Marvin Chavez at the back post. The Honduran, who picked up his first career assist Saturday against Toronto, finished low to the left post with his second touch.

Next, Hyndman pushed the goals back to create two 60-yard areas. The head coach went with the first team defense to work on positioning, while FC Dallas assistant coaches John Ellinger and Marco Ferruzzi worked with the attack-minded players in a three-on-two drill.

Three versus two attacking
To begin the attacking drill, Ruben Luna played a ball into David Ferreira. Ferreira would then turn on goal and play a ball wide to either Brek Shea on the left or Atiba Harris on the right. Whichever outside midfielder got the ball was in the play, the other was out for that cycle.

Milton Rodriguez, Jeff Cunningham and Luna would alternate as target forwards in the drill. Eric Avila and Marvin Chavez played the roles of defenders to begin. Ellinger and Ferruzzi instructed the players to switch the point of attack and focus on getting a quality shot on goal.   

Defensive structure
On the other end of the field, Dax McCarty, Edson Edward, Andrew Wiedeman, Bruno Guarda, Victor Ulloa, Moises Hernandez, Bryan Leyva, Peri Marosevic, and Jason Yeisley worked against the first team defense. The defense consisted of four defenders and two defensive midfielders. The defensive players were in constant transition from position to position. A seventh defensive player remained on the end line discussing tactics with Hyndman. That player was continually rotated into the drill while another player came off for a talk with the coach. In goal, Kevin Hartman served as a second source of direction to the defense.

Hyndman on FC Dallas’ center backs
"We might have the two best center backs in the league right now. The problem is they’re both banged up. You can get by fine with one of them in there, but if both are out, you start to run into problems."

Hyndman on having Hernandez and Harris back this week
"Having Daniel back brings leadership. Getting Atiba back means we’re stronger defensively and better in the air. When George [John] went out five minutes into the second half against Toronto, we were down six starters. Right now we’re piecing things together. We love what we have gotten out of Alexander, Avila, Bruno, Jackson and Chavez, but those used to be the guys we had coming in off the bench. We need to get our starting 11 out there to be at our absolute best. "